Why do we create New Year’s resolutions? Why do we set goals that we spend the whole year working toward? Because as leaders we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We want more.

We want more for ourselves (and from ourselves too). We want more for our friends and family. And most importantly, we want to create a bigger impact in the world.

As achievers, we never stop striving but sometimes we can lose ourselves in pursuit of our goals. There’s a new way to set goals and resolutions that actually supports our vision, energy, and work/life balance. Check out this latest blog on how you can use the wisdom and lessons of 2020 as we approach a fresh page for 2021.



2020 In The Rearview: Strength, Growth, + The New Non-Negotiables

When the year draws to a close it ushers in an opportunity to take a look back. Sometimes it can be tempting and may even seem somewhat natural, as ambitious people, to beat ourselves up a bit about the goals we didn’t fully realize or perceived mistakes that may have transpired. If we can resist this tendency we can offer ourselves great insight by engaging in a sort of “rearview mirror check”.

Just as when we’re backing out of a parking spot, we review what is behind us to make sure we are headed in the right direction. The same is true of our life as well–Are we in a mindset to acknowledge our strengths and accomplishments this year, are we prepared to take a look at places where we may need to grow? Are we ready to consider what we want or how we want to feel in this new year?

Asking ourselves these questions allows us to reflect and make our review meaningful, purposeful, and helpful.

Making sure there’s nothing behind us that we might hit as we back out is sort of like assessing the obstacles we’ve overcome, strengths we’ve created, and identifying those things we may still need to address as one year ends and another begins. When we scan our rearview for past obstacles we can allow ourselves to see our progress and the things we do not want to do again.

Finally, assessing where we’re going next is what we call defining our “New Non-Negotiables.” Non-Negotiables are point us in the right direction–the things that we are going to be doing differently from now on based on the learning we have acquired from our rearview mirror perspective. Perhaps the past year was filled with a great deal of business-related work and so you let your exercise or self-care routine go a bit. You may have felt overwhelmed, tired, or just unwell as a result.

In the new year, you’ll get to decide how to align your life so that you can take care of yourself more consistently. Perhaps you’ll steer yourself toward monthly massages, two yoga classes a week, an hour of creative or play time each week, or a cooking class to explore a personal interest.

Once you’ve decided what you’ll do to incorporate self-care, you can make it non-negotiable. Put it in your calendar and add a “repeat weekly” or “repeat daily” setting. Blocking the time out is wonderful and you can even let others know what you’ll be doing so that you can feel supported and understood as you make this change.

Whether you choose to share your new non-negotiables with others or not, the act of making new choices and decisions pointed in the direction of how we truly want to live our life is the very essence of making life an empowering experience.

The Year Ahead: Checking In With Your Big Six + How You Want To Feel In This New Year

Making plans, setting goals, or designing resolutions can seem daunting. As ambitious people we may find ourselves setting a plethora of goals based on what we think we “should” be doing. We may find this approach works in some arenas but doesn’t always serve us in others. Instead of filling our plate with “shoulds,” we can ensure that our goals align with our passions and desires by taking time to check in. One way to check is to get acquainted with our “Big 6” and to decide how we want to feel in the new year.

Our “Big 6” are listed below with a few questions you may find helpful as you do your check in. As you answer those questions you’ll also be asked to decide “How do I want to feel in this new year?” Set aside some time to relax, get comfy, and remove the “shoulds” from your mind as you do this check in.

  1. Relationships
  2. Financial
  3. Spiritual
  4. Vocational
  5. Physical
  6. Mental/Emotional

In looking at each of these areas, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What changes do I want this year?
  • What’s working or what do I want to keep going?
  • What is no longer serving me?
  • What are my biggest goals I’d love to realize?
  • Are there other things, experiences, or desires that I’m craving as the new year approaches?
  • How do I want to feel in the new year?

Next Steps:

Once we’ve taken time to get intimate with these questions, to uncover our passions, release ourselves of the “shoulds,” and explore our desires for the new year, we can begin to explore the feelings we want in the new year.

When you review your check in with the Big 6, ask yourself what’s coming to the forefront for you. What feelings or goals make you feel most excited, inspired, or alive? Let’s create our new year and new life from this charged-up place.

As you move forward with your goal-setting in anticipation of the new year, allow your “rearview mirror check” and your Big 6 to guide your way.

Wherever your goals, feelings, and vision leads you in the new year, our Mindrise Team is here to support you. Community can be a stellar resource in realizing your goals and experiencing your ideal feelings. Here at Mindrise, we offer events, retreats, coaching, resources, and trainings that can provide the guidance and community you desire to live the life you want this year and every year. So reach out, connect, and get ready to rock the new year!

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