I’ve got a secret to share….I’ve got a big, big, BIG project in the works. A passion of mine coming to life so big that I want to shout it from the rooftops!

As one of my ambitious women, you know that while the anticipation of big projects can be exhilarating, such as making your dreams (new career, a move, financial growth, and clarity) come true.

Big projects can also come with a hefty amount of stress—worry, doubt, uncertainty, and indecision. Well, I’m here to make it a bit easier. How?

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Here are my top 3 tips for tackling big projects with ease:

1. Small Steps: It’s time to get this behemoth idea out of your head and onto paper—enter my best friend, the Post-it. Find yourself a large, clean surface—kitchen table, desk, wall, fridge, or even the back of your vision board. Start by writing your goal/project/dream on a Post-it at the top. Next, crank up some tunes and just start writing, One Post-it per detail for your project. Wanna create a kick-ass website that speaks to your ideal client? Start by writing each element that you would like to see on the site…blog page, testimonials, even links to your social media. Before you know it, you’ve got the nuts & bolts at your fingertips.

Lay out each detail by category—two of my favorite categories are by due date (what tasks are time-sensitive) or by priority. Just like layering a cake, step 1 needs to happen before step 2 and so on. Before you know it, that behemoth just became a breeze.

2. Go Out & Play: Yup, you heard me right. It’s not time to pull all-nighters, it’s not time to conceal plans and ditch your gym membership. When you’ve got a big project cooking, the BEST thing to do is schedule time for play. Open your planner, Time Trade, or whatever you use to book your clients and appointments. Pick two times each week that you’ll be getting your yoga/run/drinks with friends/hot tub time with your honey on. Make it happen because the time we invest in ourselves is an investment in our business. [Tweet it!]

3. Start Early: Early, early, and I mean it. Think you can whip up a career shift or cross-country move in just two weeks—think again. Planning a new service offering by Friday when it’s already Wednesday—forget it. My secret passion project is launching in September and I got cracking in February. Why? Because who likes cramming and stressing, and trying to fit in every last detail before your new site goes live at midnight? When we stress out, our brains become panicked and foggy, we are less productive and a heck of a lot less inspired. Start early.

I’ve got a zillion more tips & tricks to bringing in ease and cultivating a life of joy and abundance. Have you got a BIG project, goal, dream, or transition on the horizon? Let’s jam on it and get you started on a roadmap that works for you. Schedule your FREE consult here.

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In the comments section below, I’d love to know:
1. What’s your biggest project/dream/goal right now?
2. What has been holding you back?


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