Each year, we make sweeping declarations about what we are going to do (or not do) in the year ahead then a week or two later one of 3 things happens…
A. We fall face first into a box of chocolates, lose our sneakers, and decide we’ll go back to the gym closer to spring time…
B. We over do it. We try to do everything all at once, feel overwhelmed and begin to burn out before February….
C. We don’t actually change. We stay in the job we hate, never make a plan to take a leap to start our own biz or find that new job, we don’t feel clear about what we “want” so we don’t do anything…


Whether you find yourself as an A, B, or C–the truth is we don’t change unless we are ready.
While I love holidays, celebrations, and new beginnings, I struggled with New Years for years…some years I would be an A, other years I was a B, but I finally quit resolutions once I became a C. I wanted to be excited about the new year and create goals but nothing was getting accomplished because I was forgetting a BIG part of getting resolutions to stick.


I’ve got a new 4-Step method for having the best year yet:


Grab a sheet of paper, take a few moments to reflect on the year you had in 2015 and answer these 3 questions:
– List the top five highlights of the last year
– What didn’t work…What are three things you want to leave behind?
– Thinking back to a year ago, how are you different?


Now it’s time to start connecting to your burning desires. Listen in to what you’ve been craving, hoping for, thinking about, wishing for…these desires will give you insight as to what you are looking for in the year ahead, answer these 3 questions:
– What do you want to do differently this year?
– Who do you want to be in the year ahead? How do you want to feel?
– If it was December 2016 and we were recapping the year–How do you want to feel about this year?



Give yourself the opportunity to put the “how-will-I-do-it” aside, instead begin to envision what it will look like to live the life you desire. Begin to consider what your life looks like in the following areas:
– Physical Body & Health:
– Emotional Health:
– Relationships (Friends, family, love):
– Financial:
– Career & Passion Pursuits:
– Spirituality:


Your accountability is where the masculine goal-setting mindset meets the feminine feel-desire-connection part of actually sticking to our goals. With any good marriage, we need a bit of both. In fact, the women who are most likely to accomplish their goals use a combination of thinking about what they want to achieve and dreaming of how they will feel in living the life they desire. Ask yourself:
– What do I want life to look like in just 90 days?
– Who can I share my plans for the new year with?
– How will I celebrate when I accomplish my goals?


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