The work of getting clarity in your life isn’t for the faint of heart–we spend a lot of time convincing ourselves that we are screwing it up and not getting it right. Often we feel uncertain of our purpose, asking ourselves–“What is my purpose?” For all the questions that you have in your mind and your heart, clarity is key. Turning down the volume of noise in your head and turning up the volume on the life that you want to create in the world. Dive into this week’s blog from Coach Cayla on the 4 tools she uses to get clear in her life…


4 Tools to Help You Get Clear

by Mindrise Coach, Cayla Brewton


With this month’s theme being clarity, let’s get clear on what it means to have it, to embody it. When I think of the essence of clarity I am reminded of this knowing. Knowing who we truly are and all that we are meant to be.

After completing my college experience and getting my Life Coach Certification with Mindrise I thought I was super clear on what I wanted, who I was, and what came next for me.

Here’s the thing–What was actually clear to me was the 5 year plan I had been living and working through. I was clear on the end goal of finishing school, and earning the title of Life Coach, not who I was becoming during this process, or who I would get to become.

Clarity doesn’t mean you have it all figured out and you can see the exact trajectory of your life, it’s the understanding of who you are. Feeling so sure in what this life means for you and how you can operate based on that knowing.

How do you do this? That seems to be the million dollar question lately, for me, and for so many others I have spoken with.

How do I get clear on who I want to be, or who I am?

How do I ‘figure it all out’?

Cayla Brewton
Let me stop you right there. That’s not the point of this thing called life. Because if it would I wouldn’t have struggled with this clarity and knowing after completing my 4 year plan of college and coach training- I would’ve done all I set out to do and had all the answers.

And I promise your, that’s not even close to reality. You see, we’re here to have experiences. Be the observer of our thoughts; not identify as them. We’re here to connect with the most vulnerable and truest version of ourselves.

We’re here to remember that this life, if full of opportunities and a cycle of events that don’t just come to an end when we complete what we think is a fail-proof plan to obtain the occupation of our dreams.

What I can also promise you is that there are MANY ways in which you can dive into this version of you. The piece of you that has the answers to the questions you are outwardly looking for answers to.

I’m excited to share with you some of the practices that have allowed me to have more clarity in this human experience of mine..

4 Tools to Help You Get Clear

1. Meditation

2. Journaling

3. Physical Activity

    • Yoga practices with our friends over at Metta Yoga are also a game changer.

4. Coaching + Support

  • The sense of community I have within the Mindrise Team is beyond empowering and if you are in need of support system, book your call to connect with our team of coaches.