In this episode, Bailey interviews Jennifer Tuma-Young the founder of Inspired Girl Enterprises and Co-Founder of S.O.A.R and Jessica Varian Maldonado the founder of Organista Home & Life and Co-Founder of S.O.A.R. It is very important for them to create a safe space for women to connect with other women and use these connections to empower and grow their businesses.


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Summary of the episode 

Jennifer and Jessica tell Bailey how they started their project together and what is the purpose of it. Both of them have different business backgrounds, however, they manage to create S.O.A.R, an experiential event for women. Jenn saw Jess’s potential and immediately decided to work with her. At the same time, Jess was ready to jump into business with her and land this event to connect to women’s passion and willpower.


Jessica felt the need to create S.O.A.R space, even though she had no idea how to go about it. But she knew there was this need, and she could help others through it. Jess was sure that her perfect partner for this business was Jennifer, and she asked her to join the idea. They wanted a community-based business.


They see opportunities and spark in people. Furthermore, they want women to seek for their dreams, find people in their same position and use these networking opportunities to thrive. S.O.A.R is an experiential event that allows women to be inspired and gifted for having a place for themselves. All women are invited to share, bond and take time off from their routine to focus on their passions and dreams.


-Book Bailey mentioned “Good night stories for rebel girls” by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo –


Key Takeaways

  • We are at S.O.A.R to care for each other.
  • Connect from a high frequency level with each other.
  • At the end of the day, we are all the same.
  • When you have ‘that thought’ (a great idea) put it out there aloud so everybody else can hear it.
  • Own your power.
  • You just never know-The magic of possibility


About Jennifer Tuma-Young

Jennifer Tuma-Young is the founder of Inspired Girl Enterprises, a company that creates and develops content for books, tv, and films.

The Inspired Girl Mission is to bring forth content that connects us, brings us together, spreads light, screams JOY, and is love in awesome motion.

Also serving as a “book sherpa” and boutique indie publisher, Inspired Girl titles cover a range of genres from picture books to memoirs to self-help to spirituality to neuroscience. The Inspired Girl roster includes new, emerging, and established authors with incredible messages to share.

Prior to forming Inspired Girl Enterprises, Jenn, a published author with HarperCollins, worked in the transformational space for over 2 decades, coaching thousands of people, both individually and in groups.

With extensive training in the human connection, courage, resilience, perception, the brain-body response, communication, and the impact of our environment on our behaviors, Jenn holds certifications in life coaching, transformation coaching, wellness coaching, and kinesiology, and had studied at NYU, Life Coach Institute, Monmouth University, Cleveland Clinic, and more.

Her blog, Inspired Girl has reached audiences around the world, and she has spoken at conferences, nonprofits, shelters, schools, and organizations, partnering with companies including American Express, Unilever, and S.C Johnson & Son to deliver inspirational content to audiences.

Jenn has appeared on shows such as Rachael Ray, The 700 Club, The List, Better TV, Daily Buzz, The Harvest Show, Anderson, WE TV, WPIX 11, Great Day Houston, Sonoran Living, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News.

Her tips have been featured in outlets such as Cosmo, Martha Stewart Living, Huffington Post, Maria Shriver, iVillage, Gannett, Page Daily, Shape, Diane, Yahoo, Woman’s World, and Forbes.

Most importantly, she loves coffee (probably too much), anything with peanut butter, and can spill something just by looking at it. She lives for her kiddos, she loves love, and her husband is the total yin to her yang.


About Jessica Varian-Maldonado

Jessica Varian Maldonado is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. 

While raising four children on her own and living in poverty, Jess founded Organista Home, an award-winning professional organization service that was inspired by her time working in a church basement and a life altering service trip to Haiti. Her mission is to help what weighs them down in their living spaces, so they can embrace a beautifully minimalistic life from the inside-out. Jessica provides a way for clients to lovingly release what no longer serves a purpose for them and re-homes all usable items for a full circle offering. To date, she has donated over 1 million items to families in need.

Jessica lives in Monmouth County, New Jersey with her four children. When she is not working or helping others, she loves being out in nature watching a great sunset and always up to something interesting. 


In the episode we covered

  • (00:00) Introduction to the episode. Bailey presents Jennifer Tuma Young and Jessica Varian Maldonado to the Mindrise community.
  • (3:55) Jess and Jenn talk about their partnership and how they came up with the S.O.A.R event. The origin of their business.
  • (16:30) They explain what it is like to work with somebody else as co-founders.
  • (19: 00) They discuss the idea of becoming successful after struggling or suffering.
  • (22:30) They tell their experience at S.O.A.R events.
  • (32:20) Jenn and Jess talk about what else can we expect from S.O.A.R in the near future.
  • (36:43) Jennifer’s path towards her solo business as editor and publisher.
  • (43:30) They elaborate the idea of finding evidence as a way of changing the narrative we created from ourselves.


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