I’ve been in Puerto Rico this week–it’s been two years since I have been here, a place that I’ve lived in for great chunks of the year for twelve years. The water is blue, the air is warm, the sun in shining and I feel my body coming back to life. Being in the time-warp and survival mode of the pandemic situation for so long, I didn’t realize how much of myself had been chipping away.

For years, part of the recipe that makes me who I am, what allows me to feel fulfilled, and the most lit up and alive is travel. Seeing new places, being in new locations, navigating interesting travel related challenges, meeting new people, eating different things. The experience of the pandemic shut that down. While I, much like everyone else, wasn’t traveling, the alternative wasn’t relaxing poolside at my own home–it felt more like being under siege.

You too?

I didn’t realize how much I had sunk into a survival mode until I plucked myself into the Caribbean Sea.

Believe me–I understand this isn’t an opportunity that most of us have every single day but in reading this, it is your opportunity for reflection. What’s your Caribbean Sea? What resets you and reminds you that you are alive?

Here’s the thing–as humans, we have a tendency to put ourselves on autopilot, just going through the motions–being more of a human-doing than a human-being. Part of waking up and shifting from survival-mode to thriving and feeling actively engaged in our lives is about making commitments.

Commitments to change.

Commitments to who we want to be.

Commitments to the life we want to have.

Commitments to how we want to show up in the world.

The commitments that you make to yourself and follow through with actually matter much more than commitments we make to others but how often do you make everyone else and everything else a top priority over yourself? I bet, pretty often. The thing is that if we want to feel confident in our life we need to make a plan. We need to stop being so reactive and doing things haphazardly but instead really choose to show up in our lives.


That’s why each year, I take the time to consciously sit down and map out my goals and a game plan to achieve them. We’re doing that at Mindrise on Thursday, December 9th–you should definitely be there, click here for the scoopOur Strategy + Planning for 2022 is a game changer that puts you back into the seat of confidence, clarity, AND action for a brand new year.

We are all so worried about getting it right, worried about not screwing it up but are we taking the time to play full out in the one life that we do have?

Right now, even as I write this to you, I reflect on what I am committed to right now–the newest commitment I made was this week, to work on writing my latest book every single day. Funny thing is, I’ve been committed to writing in but that commitment just stayed in my mind. It wasn’t until I put a game plan, timeline, and action to it that this commitment came alive. Even if it’s for a few minutes, I’m committed to sticking with it everyday.

I’m curious–Have you fully committed to yourself? What commitments are you making to yourself? How are you following through on your commitments?

Change the game in your life, feel confident + clear on your next steps moving forward–join us virtually (live or you can get the replay) for Strategy + Planning on Thursday, 12/9 from 10am-1pm EST (7-11am PST) to map out your plan for 2022.