Bailey is joined by coach, healer, emotional resilience expert, speaker and author Jennifer Nielson to talk about how to triumph over trauma and become unstoppable. 

Jennifer experienced sexual abuse throughout her childhood. For a very long time this trauma led her life until she was able to break free from her limiting beliefs. Once she did, she was able to not only face her perpetrator, but help put him in prison for over 400 years.


Jennifer and Bailey dive deep into Jennifer’s trauma healing process, how living under other’s expectations affects the way we live our life, how to step out of old narrative, the power we have to make a choice and be free, and why it’s hard to see all the good once we step out of the old narrative.


Additionally they talk about the power of connection and Jennifer’s unstoppable conference, the Dig Method and the privilege of being invited to the front row of someone’s life.


Jennifer knows exactly what it is like to hit rock bottom and live in shame without hope. She is here today to share her inspiring story of hope that will help you and encourage you to dig yourself out of whatever trauma you may be going through and live life the way you deserve to. 


“The disappointments in your life lead you to where you are right now, and without those, you would either be in a different career or you wouldn’t be as effective in your career”


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About Jennifer Nielson:

Jennifer Nielson is a certified coach, powerful healer, emotional resilience expert, creator of The Dig Model and the Unstoppable Conference. She is also the founder of Let it Glow retreats.

Jennifer is masterful at helping strong female entrepreneurs conquer their limiting beliefs, traumas, and deepest challenges. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Break your life down and have reverence for the smallest pieces.
  • Cracking the code on her own trauma.
  • Break down to rebuild. 
  • Nothing is permanent and as painful as it may seem right now, there is always hope.
  • Be your own glue, you don’t need to be the glue for anybody else.
  • Roles dont define who you are.
  • Observe and be part of the journey instead of controlling.
  • The cost of disappointing yourself and not being true to yourself is so much greater than the fear of disappointing other people. 
  • Be ok with disappointing people. 
  • Discomfort will yield better results.
  • Be an agent of the way you respond.
  • Do what it takes to get to your qualities.
  • Instead of giving power to the trauma, take that power back.
  • Take ownership of your healing for other support to be more effective.
  • Dig in and discover the magnitude of who you can become.
  • Compare brings despair. 
  • It is a privilege to be invited to the front row of someone’s life.



In the episode we cover:

  • Welcome Jennifer Nielsen to The Mindrise Podcast!: (00:00)
  • About the Unstoppable Business Conference: (01:01)
  • What Mindrise Podcast focuses on: (05:02)
  • The power of having conversations and gratitude: (09:28)
  • Growing up with messages all around; what Jennifer wanted to be when she grew up: (11:52)
  • Wanting more than just an identity wrapped up in a role: (17:50)
  • Breaking out of a built identity of what she should be: (20:58)
  • Why it’s hard to see what we gain when we step out of the old narrative: (25:29)
  • Jennifer’s thoughts on “You don’t have to be the victim anymore, you can choose to free yourself”: (28:51)
  • About the Dig Method and what the process of healing had to do with the method: (39:00)
  • The privilege to be invited to the front row of someones life: (43:43)
  • Wrap-up: (50:35)


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