I often get asked: “You know EVERYONE–How do you do it?”
This wasn’t always the case for me, finding my communication style and voice took some time but these days, I can carry on a conversation with just about anyone on just about anything.

I’m sure you’ve seen that I’ve been invited on several summits as a guest expert to talk about the power of mindset, shifting your belief systems, and escaping fear. And, if you’ve listened in on the interviews you might find them to be very conversational.

That’s because I believe that conversation is where the magic happens.


Here are my top 3 strategies to Communication & Connection:


1. Everyone is Important: Nothing irks me more than someone who only talks to people that they think they can get something from. You know what I mean, at the party or networking event, they are the person who tends to talk at you (or dismisses you completely if they don’t deem you “important enough”) and typically searching for the spotlight.

The truth is that everyone is important. Everyone has a story to tell, feelings to share, a journey or experience that may be very much unlike your own. With anyone that I meet, I love to learn about who they are, what they are inspired by, and where they are headed. So take the time to look into someone’s eyes and ask them about themselves, ask about their opinions, and ask about the people in their world. Taking time to genuinely meet people ensures that they will remember you.


2. Keep in Touch: One of my superpowers is that I have a steel-trap for a memory. A vault of information about people. I can usually recall intricate details of a conversation because I picture the details of their story as we talk (see strategy #1) therefore when we meet again, I ask them questions from our previous connection to let them know that I was really listening and interested in their life.

Why is this important? We meet so many people in the course of the day, some casually, and some on a deeper, more intimate level but people remember people who stay on their radar. Each time we communicate with someone it’s like an invisible filament string connects from you to them, the next time you connect, there’s another string until eventually there is a strong  connect. These connections create a relationship that did not previously exist and you add another person to your tribe.


3. Be an Opinion Leader: This doesn’t mean that you need to walk around with a megaphone but instead be a trusted expert in your field that people can rely on. There’s two parts to this strategy–first, be consistent in your message and the value that you provide.

For example, I talk about mindset, belief systems, and owning your power as a leader so you can live life on your own terms, and while I will occasionally highlight lifestyle, you don’t get emails from me with chocolate chip cookie recipes because I’m not a baker.

The second part of this strategy is to share your goodies with others–if you’ve got something to say that will add value to someone else’s life or potentially shed light on somewhere they have been stuck (see strategy #2)


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