In this episode, Bailey interviews Melanie Joy, a coach who helps people tap into their inner selves, heal their Inner Mother to thrive in life. By embodiment of balanced energy, she transmutes stories to empower women and men to rewrite their stories from their Authentic Self point of view.


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The Heroine’s journey by Maureen Murdock

The Hero’s journey by Joseph Campbell


Are things changing? Melanie Joy talks about how things change when we heal the Inner Mother and start living the life we want. She describes feminine and masculine archetypes, these energies we have in our bodies and that, in most cases, keep us from thriving because we are using them incorrectly.


We can tell our stories by who we are and not by programming. Bringing that subconscious programming to a conscious level to respond from that perspective, knowing what was past history, so you can do things differently. On the other hand, working with masculine and feminine archetypes help us understand how we are shaped to start changing our narrative. 


Our hero/heroine’s journey is not fixed, and it varies according to each person. In a patriarchal society it seems to be organic, and then we find lots of people not knowing who they are because they get lost in that programming. Healing The Mother within us, by giving her the place she has in ourselves, knowing what she presents to help us find who we are and what we want to experience in life. 


All the energies live in us, we need to get them all together consciously to become “whole” again. Cultivate the Inner Mother within us, the Mother Earth and the Great Cosmic Mother above us to heal the Inner Mother’s wound to find where your passion, your work lies.


Key Takeaways

  • Tap into your inner self
  • Find balance between feminine and masculine within ourselves
  • We need to heal The Mother
  • Stop, look and listen to start connecting with yourself
  • Root down to nature.


About Melanie Joy

Powerful in the embodiment of her own energy, Melanie’s ability to transmute and alchemize stories of her own adversity empowers others to integrate their stories, find their Truth, and own their Authentic Self.   

Melanie’s wit, humor and optimism empowers others to believe that they too can co-create a life in alignment with wholeness and abundance.

By balancing the energies within our subtle bodies and working with psychological archetypes, we can find peace and harmony. By cultivating the Inner Mother within yourself, we heal as a Sovereign being for ourselves and those around us.  

Melanie taps into truth through creative arts of self-expression using modalities such as integrative paintings, creative writing, meditation, yoga, mantra chanting, holographic sound healing, breath work and transformational medicines. 

Melanie has a long history in the corporate setting, a lifetime as a single mom, and a breath of knowledge in all things in fitness. 

She finds her passion in Sisterhood, in service of Women, and the reclamation of the feminine within. 


In the episode we covered

  • (00:00) Introducing Melanie Joy
  • (00:15) What are archetypes?
  • (02:52) Making your own story or myth
  • (05:47) Feminine archetypes
  • (13:45) Benefits of getting back to yourself
  • (17:25) Divine energy vs wounded energy (death energy)
  • (21:00) Healing The Mother thought connections
  • (30:36) Going back to balance
  • (34:35) What is next to people?


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