Reconnecting With Retrograde

Reconnect with Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde started yesterday, it usually throws me off kilter for a few weeks. But, the way this cycle has started was really feeling good in an especially familiar way. In the comfy sweater and favorite old book sorta-way, you know...that story where you know it has a happy ending so you welcome the opportunity to read it again.

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This IS IT: Launch Day!

Let's Begin this Journey Together
This IS the day...LAUNCH DAY! What does that mean? For me, it means that I've been on an amazing journey to make my vision of my message a reality to share. To create a place (and website) that is a true reflection of me, my life, my gift to share....and YOU!!

It's all about coming to a place where clarity is easily accessible. A place where doubt, frustration, and worry STOPS shouting and you begin to hear the whisper of your deepest desires.

I believe in guiding women toward creating personal happiness, fulfillment, and freedom. Following this thoughtfully designed roadmap helps you to connect with your intuition, create abundance, and fulfill their life purpose.

I feel full of gratitude to share this experience with you.

So...let's CELEBRATE!!

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About Me: Meet Bailey

I'm Bailey. I am a lifestyle design coach and your guide to creating a life you love. I help ambitious female entrepreneurs and coaches create life balance through personal fulfillment, happiness, and freedom. I'm a globe-trekking, yoga loving, bike riding girl with a serious lust for life. My focus is to help you define, create, and learn to celebrate your ideal life.Read more

What are your Core Desired Feelings?

Is it the full moon? Is it being in paradise for the launch of my Creating Clarity: Creating Space workshop series? There is something in the air that has me feeling very inspired and connected.

This week is the kick off to the Creating Clarity: Creating Space workshop series in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Hosting an event in paradise brings forth the divine essence within all of us to create ease, develop power and abundance. At the launch I was joined by some amazing women who made a commitment to make their intentions become reality, to harness a clear path of personal fulfillment, happiness, and freedom.

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You were born with Wings...

Just WHERE will you FLY?

Oh, do I love the traditions of a New Year. It feels like a fresh start, a blank slate, a chance to take hold of your destiny. Many times New Years comes with resolutions and promises we make to ourselves to create a better version of life as we know it. I want to walk with you through this year of opportunity, let's work together to set your intentions for 2014.

I've been asking myself for the last for days, "What is your theme for 2014? What is your intention?" On this lucky first day of the New Year, I feel that clarity has set in for my New Year's theme and intention: OPEN. I've taken a leap into the universe of possibility this year with ARMS WIDE OPEN. I'm OPEN to possibility, opportunity, connection, curiosity, and desire.
Looking forward to the journeys that lie ahead for me in 2014:

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My Date with Destiny (er, Mastin Kipp)

It started off warm, cozy, and rather delightfully familiar. Any date that begins with a yoga class, I was sure we were a match made in heaven. Mastin talked about his life journey and love for Kundalini yoga, in fact, he brought his favorite instructor, Sat Siri, along for our date. Sat Siri was a delight, kind, gentle, and caring, everything he promised her to be. She led us through a Kundalini practice that was deeply transformative. I practically saw magical fairy dust emanating from my body (or perhaps it was just stress taking a mass exodus!). I've been a therapist for years but shifting my work to create a coaching practice for lifestyle design has brought on a bit of stress. Don't worry, it's the good kind--lots to anticipate, all good things coming my way but a little bit scared shitless that I won't quite be receiving a consistent paycheck.

So, back to my date...our Kundalini practice was amazing, truly restorative, then kind Mastin Kipp asked if I wanted to try something s little out of the box. I thought it to be a bit forward of him on a first date but thought, what the heck, I'll give it a try. Mastin cautioned that it might be a bit painful but it was a meditative practice that would take us to a higher, and more deeper connected level.

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An (Early) Gift from Me to You

Hey there Life Lovers!

I hope that you are all wrapped up in the yumminess of the holiday season. I’m typing this in my pink polka-dot jammies, listening to some Christmas tunes, and drinking a bit of cinnamon tea. Topped off with a tree and the flurries of snow we’ve had, I’m feeling very Winter Wonderland.

I’m sending an early holiday present your way…kicking off the New Year right!!

Could 2014 be your best year yet?!
Want to start 2014 off with your best foot forward?

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Life Love Rejuvenation Retreat, February 2014

Escape the cold and ignite the heat within yourself in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Ready for Sun & Sand?
Ready to Relax & Rejuvenate?
Ready to dedicate a weekend to YOU?

Whether you are looking for a getaway in the tropics or fulfilling a life long dream to learn to surf, this weekend is just what you need to dedicate time to
Just pack your bags and book your flight.

Leave the rest of the details to us!
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