Stress and I used to be best friends. We were on a first name basis, hung out all day long together. I got to a point where many women I know have been–you are so stressed out that you have no idea how to relax.

You know when you’ve been in a long-term relationship–whether romantic, friendship, career, etc.–and all the signs around you are telling you it’s time for this relationship to end. Well, that’s happened between me and stress. After years of being “connected at the hip” with stress, I began to realize that stress wasn’t actually helping me to reach my goals, in fact, just the opposite was occurring.

I found that the more stressed out and busier I was truly decreased my life satisfaction. I was working so hard but for what? I simply couldn’t just exist in going through the paces of my life, I wanted to enjoy it, hat’s when I knew stress and I were headed for Splitsville. I’m inviting you to join me in experiencing the 5 steps I use any time I need to press the ‘reset’ button on life.


In my 5-day #IdealDayChallenge, we will focus on stepping out of stress and stepping into a life you LOVE.

In th#IdealDayChallenge, we’ll:

– Learn to LOVE Monday morning
– Stop waiting for life to come to you
– Create an abundant life delicious enough to share
– Make changes so that clarity and vision run the show

Beginning Monday, June 15th, join me for the Ideal Day Challenge: 5 Days to Make You Go MMMMM… A fresh start to begin creating the lifestyle you always wanted, small steps that will become BIG action!

Two Bonuses!
1. When you sign up to join us in the challenge, you will receive my Ideal Day Planner, THE tool I use to shift my mindset.

2. Three winners will be chosen to have a 1:1 Personal Lifestyle Design jam session, to be entered to win, you’ve got to use #IdealDayChallenge on your posts on FB and Instagram!
>>> Join me and many other women for the 5-Day #IdealDayChallenge and learn how to create a life of flow & joy so you can feel stress-free and abundant <<<

––> In the comments below, share what habits you’re ready to ditch to make way for living your ideal life.  And let me know if you’ll be joining the #IdealDayChallenge!

Everything is more fun with friends, invite two of your favorite gal-pals to join you in the #IdealDayChallenge [Click to Join!]


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