Indecision can be paralyzing. We try to both project into the future as well as put up protectors and defenses in case it “goes wrong.”

We play scenarios out in our head over and over again, often based on our fears or myriad of worst case scenarios based on future predictions of things that we don’t actually have the power to predict.

And WHY do we do this to ourselves? Why do we shrink and stay small or freeze in doubt?

It’s a safety mechanism. We put on these protectors of indecision in place, almost convincing ourselves that it’s possible that there must be a “perfect” decision. And without the conviction of certainty of what to do, we often do nothing at all, making our situation that much worse and infact, creating a negative feedback loop about our decision making ability.

Action: No decision –> leads us to….Inner Dialogue: “I can’t make decisions” –> Feeling: “I feel frustrated and uncertain”

(Which of course lends itself to the action of making no decision…again.)

It’s a difficult cycle to get ourselves in which unfortunately, over time, can cause us to lose ourselves.

THAT is actually be biggest consequence and COST of indecision, you lose you.

It can feel frustrating, debilitating, and sad when we forget who we are or lose ourselves in our headnoise. What allows us to take back our power? What allows us to REMEMBER who we are and fully reclaim our inner clarity? (Alongside of the newfound wisdom of understanding the depth of what it means when you have experienced challenge).

Clarity doesn’t happen overnight and at the same time there’s no place that it exists outside of ourselves and therefore we are the only ones who can truly control the timeline. While there’s no rush and there’s no victory in efforting and pushing ourselves into clarity, there are ways in which we can make the journey to clarity smoother (as much as there are ways in which we set ourselves up in the trap of blocking our clarity as well.)

It’s a tricky cycle that could feel like quicksand, so let’s get back to how we achieve our inner clarity.

Wisdom comes from within, we often seek outside affirmation, permission slips from someone else, or the perception of a greenlight we’ve been waiting for. It feels like sitting on a bus stop and instead of choosing a bus, we wait for the bus to stop and have the driver grant us passage on a bus of their choosing.

It’s a mindset trap.

What do you want? How do you want to feel? What are your protectors that show up?

And how could you use your voice to express your needs and ask for what you are worth?

That’s part of the mindset trap that makes us feel unclear, when we spin into a whirlwind of indecision, detaching from ourselves so much so that knowing something as simple as how we want to feel is just out of reach.

This month at Mindrise, we are focusing on the mindset tools and shifts that allow us to step fully into our clarity as the inner source of our power. Stay tuned as each of our coaches share their favorite tools and stories about reclaiming their clarity and course ahead!