The word COMMITMENT has come on my radar several times this week. It inspired me to start thinking about what commitment means and how commitment shows up in our life.

What am I committed to?

How do I show my commitment?

What results am I expecting based on my level of commitment?

It’s hard to challenge ourselves to play a bigger game in our life without commitment. We’re quick to commit to others. We say YES to others (and sometimes we say YES too often) but do we say YES enough to ourselves?

In lieu of a blog post, I decided to try my hand at a quick and actionable VIDEO BLOG, click below to watch now:

Are You Fully Committing to Yourself? from Bailey Frumen on Vimeo.

Join me for this short vied to learn how you can fully commit to being the BIGGEST and BEST version of yourself (and how to start saying YES to you!)
BONUS: In this video, I’ll also be sharing 2 great tools that have helped me to commit to being my personal best.


I’d love to hear from you, how does commitment show up for you? What are you the MOST committed to in your life? 
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