Bailey is joined by executive chef, environmentalist and community activist Marilyn Schlossbach to talk about core values, living by our mission and creating a culture of communication in an ever changing environment.


Marilyn’s work not only advocates sustainable agriculture, accessible culinary and hospitality training, but also creates spaces to dine that help disadvantaged communities prosper. 


“When people come together to break bread and enjoy each other’s company with food , it creates memories. Yes I want the food to be part of the memory, but what I want is the people to feel good, however they do it”



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Marilyn and Bailey dive into the importance of knowing what is your mission and where are you going in life, the importance of developing your core values and how those develop into your business, how to create a culture of communication in an ever changing environment especially one that is driven by technology and the importance of having real “face-to-face”conversations.


Additionally they talk about why setting boundaries in relationships is key and the importance of believing in yourself and stop trying to fit in.


Dive in! You will learn how to thrive personally and professionally while making this world a better place for all.  



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About Marilyn Schlossbach:

Marilyn is the Executive Chef & Owner of The Marilyn Schlossbach Group . She  transcends the boundaries of the kitchen as an active citizen spearheading social and environmental initiatives that advocate for a more sustainable community. 


She is also an executive board member of the New Jersey Restaurant and Hospitality Association, sits on the board of the College Achieve Greater Asbury Park Charter School and is the founder of Food For Thought By The Sea.


Schlossbach is an author and traveler who is thirsty for culture and knowledge.


Key Takeaways:

  • “Be willing to shift and go with the rhythm of your ocean in your core values”
  • Every human being should develop their core values; your business develops from your core values
  • In a relationship you don’t have to agree on all core values as long as the most important ones exist in that interaction 
  • When the big 5 core values aren’t there, it is very hard to have growth
  • Live by your mission
  • “Once you develop a culture of communication it doesn’t matter if it’s me”
  • “Technology has publicly created a very introverted society”
  • Meeting in person makes you shine, it is flowing and it is energy
  • “I you can’t say what you need to say to somebody, you shouldn’t be saying it at all”
  • Don’t be afraid to have a conversation and talk about what needs to be talked about
  • Being afraid of having a conversation is a barrier to connection
  • “People don’t have boundaries when it comes to interacting anymore because those boundaries don’t exist on social media” Set your boundaries in your relationships.
  • Don’t judge people, you don’t know what is going on behind the scenes
  • “We have to start taking little steps as human beings to change our behavior”
  • The only way to be sustainably and environmentally conscious is to stop overdoing things 
  • A relationship is about collaborating with one another
  • Wherever you are, try to get the best out of the person or the situation



In the episode we cover:

  • Welcome Marilyn Schlossbach to The Mindrise Podcast!: (00:00)
  • Biggest lessons as an entrepreneur : (00:48)
  • Core values: specific to one industry or should every business have them? : (03:27)
  • Getting people on board to represent your core values: (06:56)
  • What allows a culture of communication & what are some of the roadblocks that prevent a flow in communication: (13:50)
  • Key elements in aging that lends itself to perspective: (20:24)
  • What Marilyn finds fun these days both personally and professionally: (28:54)
  • What are some of Marilyn’s drivers?: (41:06)
  • What is next for Marilyn: (49:35)
  • Wrap-up: (51:00)


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