So, What’s your plan of attack? Achieving your goal in just 9.5 more days is going to take a game plan and this game plan isn’t going to write itself.

Let me give you a little insight–when it comes to task accomplishment, people are typically wired in one of two ways…

1: Quick-Starters: These are the people who are ready to jump right in, but…after a few days, they peter out, their interest wanes, a gold squirrel shows up and distracts them…

Feeling like you? Stick with me, let’s fix this once and for all.

Not you? Perhaps you fall into category two when it comes to task accomplishment–

2: Finishliners: You are awesome at checking to-do’s off the list, getting things done, and seeing a project through to the end BUT when it comes to actually getting started, you tend to freeze or feel overwhelmed…

Interestingly enough, the solution for both types of people is the same: You need a game plan.

The concept of the game plan is simple–I want you to write down ALL the steps that you will need to take to finish achieving this goal. Just dump out all the things that you think need to happen in order to take your goal from “someday” to “done.” ✅

This first step is simple–just dump out everything in your brain by answering these 4 questions:
  1. The actions and tasks that I need to take to reach my goal include:
  2. The people that I need to enroll in my goal or to ask for help from include:
  3. The questions that I need answered, or the knowledge that I need to obtain to reach my goal includes:
  4. The skills I need to learn to reach my goal include:


STEP 1: Are you having trouble getting started? Let’s just set a timer for 10 minutes and see what brain dumping you can accomplish in that short time. The action of brain dumping is secretly more powerful than you think because brain dumping leads to problem-solving.

STEP 2: What’s Next? Your next step is to take your brain dump notes and get them organized. Just like playing connect-the-dots, go through all the bullet points you came up with from your brain dump and start putting them in sequential priority order.

This ordered list of actions is your game plan. String it all together then take a step back and run through it–close your eyes and visualize one step leading to the next, if it feels like it makes sense, you’ve got a great place to start from. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be complete.

STEP 3: Taking Actual Action… Plans are only as good as how well they are able to be executed–this doesn’t mean perfection, it means making space for them in our life. So, take your GAME PLAN and figure out how much time each one of your steps will take.

Don’t skip this step, you are going to want to but don’t.

Be realistic. Do yourself a favor and pad the time you think something will take a little bit, if you thinking 45 minutes, give yourself the hour. If you think 1.5 hours, just round up to 2 hours.

Trust me on this one, nothing gets done if it’s not in your calendar, nothing. Don’t sell yourself short, commit, make it happen.