Hey there fear fighter! You’ve reached the last day and there is literally nothing stopping you from chipping off that last 10%, so please, just go do that:

Clear your calendar. Call in sick. Remember your solution set. Recall your reason WHY! Remember you have a mentor, use them! Ask for help!

There is literally nothing on earth that is going to make a greater impact on your life than fulfilling your goal today. You owe it to yourself.

After you take down this last pin and get yourself a strike, I have just one other task for you…


You’re one task today is to email me, the founder of Mindrise, Bailey Frumen, and tell me that you achieved your goal, and the thing that you learned along the way that made the most difference for you. My personal email address is bailey@themindrise.com and MY goal is to fire the fears of over 10,000 people.

Here’s Your Next Step:

Now that you are at 90% –– think about what you can start achieving next. Set a slightly bigger goal, and schedule a call with our coaches to talk about it. It WILL help you, it helps EVERYONE, and as individually beautiful and unique as you are, you are not a snowflake. What works for everyone else will work for you… it already has been!

Changing course… shifting your sails… that is what coaching is all about and that is what this challenge has been brought into your life to teach you… that achievement is easiest when done together. So, schedule your call and let us know what you want to achieve next.

Book Your Consult Call

You + Your Coach… and 15 minutes to figure out what you didn’t even dare to ask yourself to achieve at the beginning of the Fire Your Fears challenge.