Today, we are showing you the glue that keeps it all together, the WHY we attach to our goal.

STORYTIME… Let me give you a visual. It’s January 1st–the gym is packed. Every treadmill has a waiting list, the classes are busting at the seams, and you can’t find a parking spot for miles. Everyone has arrived at the gym in their laced up new shoes with new year’s resolutions in hand and they are ready to sweat. Now… let’s fast forward to March, the gym is now crickets save for a few stragglers hanging out on the treadmills… but off in the distance riding to her own beat, there’s one chick going hard on a spin bike. WHY is this? She’s getting married in April.

Whether it’s looking good for the wedding photos, doing it for your health, or wanting to make an impact, when it comes to going for the goal we will fall short every time, day in and day out… stopping 3 feet from goal if we are missing our key ingredient… our WHY.


WHY do you want what you want? How will it make you feel when you’ve achieved your goal? How will it make you feel while you are working toward your goal?

As high achievers we often make the mistake of delaying our gratification. We make the mistake of thinking, “I’ll be happy when I’ve crossed the finish line of achieving my goal.”

BIG MISTAKE. This life of ours is short. If we are going to choose a goal, let’s get clear about WHY we want what we want.

Answer the 3 following questions:

  1. Why am I going after this goal? (…be HONEST & be REAL!)
  2. How does my WHY match my values in life?
  3. How will achieving my goal improve my life?

Paint a picture of your goal with these answers. Get into it. Trick your mind into being capable of something that it wasn’t capable of before this challenge… believe me, it can!

WHY is Your WHY Important?

  1. Attaching a WHY to our goal adds a stickiness that helps us to push through and work on our goals even when things get tough
  2. Our WHY gives us the fuel to find creative solutions, it paves the way for us to feel how we want to feel while we are rolling up our sleeves and getting to the work of achieving our goal.
  3. Most importantly, our why gives us a sense of purpose and accountability–the kind of love and compassion that we give so openly to others but fall short to hand out to ourselves.
This is a leadership game changer.

What you did to get to where you are served you well, but for where you are going next, this is a new level.