Here’s some real talk: Going it alone is for suckers. Are you like me? The “do it all myself” kind of person? Spinning 10 plates at once, wearing all the hats, saying yes to doing all the things AND then judging the shit out of myself when a plate drops?

I can get overwhelmed, burnt out, and I wanna fall face first into a Netflix binge-a-thon because I’m cooked. Yup. I’ve definitely been through it. I was meditating in yoga one day and the teacher said something so simple and profound that it stopped me in my tracks, forever changing my perspective on my tireless, “I’ll can do it all” mentality. Let’s talk about it…

I’m going to share this nugget of wisdom with you and the science behind it too because sometimes in order to change our mind and the way we’ve been doing things we need a little evidence to convince us to make the change.


“There are billions of people on the planet because you’re not supposed to do everything yourself.”


Simple. Beyond simple but here’s the thing–in our effort to do it all, we forget to lean into others. 

We forget that giving help makes other people happy, and that if we DON’T ask for help, we are literally robbing other people of lots of chances at greater happiness. The fact is, being helpful brings happiness to basically anyone with a heart, which is all of us.

For thousands of years, across all cultures and landscapes humans have needed each other. Biologically we aren’t built to “go it alone,” if we were, we would have each gotten our own little island, with a great big ocean between neighbors. We are supposed to be working together. 

Blame technology, blame our parents, blame society for our separation–whatever. The truth is we need each other, for support, for inspiration, for a shoulder to cry on, for a cheerleading squad, for the wisdom that some with life experience/age/education–we just need each other. Need more proof? Here’s what the folks at University of California have discovered when it comes to goal setting…

Studies show that people who write down their goals, commit to it, and hold yourself accountable by checking in regularly with a coach or partner, are 76% more likely to achieve their goals than those who merely just think about what they want to accomplish.

With this in mind, here are the 3 steps that you need to do today–

  1. Commit to finding someone (think colleague, mentor, coach, friend, boss, partner) who will hold you accountable to your goal.

  2. Schedule a time in the next 24 hrs to speak with them for just 15 minutes.

  3. On your call, commit to a quick check in with this person either by text, phone, or email everyday for final 3 or 4 days of your challenge… just enough to get you across the finish line!

We know that accountability is key, you’re going for gold so let’s increase your likelihood of success, let’s make the time you spend in the challenge worth it.