You’ve heard of the phrase “Sharing is Caring” right? Well, it is true! As we talked about earlier, we aren’t meant to walk this path alone.

If we aren’t engaging with our friends and telling them what is going on in our lives, they will think that we don’t want them to share in our joy or in our sadness, or in our triumph or in the life lessons that we are learning. They’ll think… “Oh, so and so is independent, they don’t need me.” And that will just leave you alone.. to sort through the difficulties of life without people to speed you along your path.

A friend who you never hear from isn’t a friend, that’s a stranger.

So, your task today is really, really simple. Look at your goal, and then look at your list of Facebook friends, or real life friends, or family members, or coworkers, and pick someone who you think might want to achieve a similar goal in their own lives. Then… text them, or call them, and tell them about what you are up to.

Tell them you are just 4 days away from achieving that thing that has been eluding the both of you. Tell them what has been hard and what has been easy. Just talk about you, yourself, and your experience.

Maybe they’ll be bored, but maybe they won’t be. Either way, you will both become closer friends, and you will get better at achieving your goal… you will have started to teach another person what makes achievement possible for you.

The thing about teaching is that it is another way to reinforce your own ability. After all, if you teach someone to do something, you become better at it yourself. They will have questions, and you will hone your answers. The very act of teaching will reinforce the patterns in your own mind and make you better at achievement, faster than on your own.

You got this!