Today, ask yourself this… Who has achieved this goal (or something similar) before me? It’s the 21st century and short of capturing a world record, most things that we are craving in life have likely been achieved by someone before us.

After writing my book, I knew that sharing my message was important but that I needed to find other ways to make my impact beyond the printed word. This is when the idea of a podcast came into my mind. I had never done a podcast before, truth be told, I had never even listened to a podcast before I decided to make one. It was time to do my homework.

Rather than heading into the rabbit hole of trying to get a masters level degree in the art of googling ‘how to make a podcast,’ I simply made an 8 word post on facebook asking a simple question, “Who do I know that has a podcast?” Within 20 minutes I had over 21 comments, replies, and suggestions.

BINGO! Forget re-inventing the wheel, I leveraged the power of my contacts to find out the right equipment I needed, the best Youtube tutorials to follow.. best podcasts to listen to, and within an afternoon I had written my intro, outro and recorded my first episode.

Here’s an ugly truth of high-achievers: We have a tendency to overthink things.

Yup, you heard me, we are actually working WAY. too. hard. Please stop doing that. I’m not asking you to get lazy–you do you, live your ambitious life. I’m inviting you to work smarter. There are people who have done it before you, you either know them or a friend of a friend knows them but you’re never going to figure that out unless you ASK.

It’s really that simple. For today, here’s your task: Put it out there. Tell at least 5 people – in person or on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or at the gym or at the grocery store what you are doing and what you need to achieve your goal.

Here’s a script:

“Hey everyone! I’m currently working on <<insert goal>> and I was wondering if anyone I know has done something similar and if so, how they managed it or if they have any ideas or resources to share with me.”

Ask for resources that would support you in achieving your goal, learning more about the outcome you desire, or what you need to get to the end result. Shorten your learning curve, and don’t forget to ignore the bad advice… if you let people get in your way, you’ll get derailed.

Whether you post your request on social media or send out a group text, letting people know what you are doing and asking simple questions is a quick and easy way to keep your momentum moving.