In this episode, Bailey interviews Rachel Pesso, a brand storyteller, designer, and art director. She designs beautiful websites to showcase her client’s vision and put their own voice out there. Her unique vision on brands, let her help people find their true selves (their souls) to create authentic brands.


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Bailey and Rachel met while doing a retreat in 2013, and it was Rachel who helped Bailey create her first website to start her own business. From that moment, Rachel has developed as a brand teller and web designer.  She learned new skills throughout time that helps her offer a more professional and deep (soul based) and complete service to her current clients.


She decided to put herself out there, even though it was something new to her. Because of her decisions and exposure at that retreat, she was able to create a community, to bond with people like her and who also needed her services to show their brands to the world based on their interests and personalities. 


Furthermore, she is entitled to help clients to discover who they are and what they want to show as business people. Looking for brand clarity makes their clients find their own voices and differentiate from their competence. Standing out and being truly themselves  make people feel comfortable and well-intended when it comes to offering a service while helping others.


On the other hand, we also have to make sure we understand our clients, what their desires are and what they require from us. Rachel gets her clients to connect their vision and communication with their clients’ needs. Building a concept to show up as an authentic brand.


Key Takeaways

  • 1- We connect through human interaction
  • 2- Get brand clarity before starting your identity
  • 3- “To seek pleasure and avoid pain” is what our ideal client looks for
  • 4- The brand changes and evolves – Our site grows with us.
  • 5- Brand is how we show up to the world.


About Rachel Pesso

Rachel Pesso is a brand storyteller, designer, and art director. She designs beautiful websites to showcase your big vision. With 10+ years of experience, she blends high-level strategy, collaboration, and deep love to design who you are online. Recent clients include Laverne Cox (Orange is The New Black), Lori Harder, Arielle Loren, and Jadah Sellner. Each woman is a trailblazer, leveraging her voice to create an irresistible impact in a world that deeply desires it. Rachel lives in Delray Beach, Florida with her husband and two adorable French Bulldogs.


In the episode we covered

  • (00:00) Introducing Rachel Pesso
  • (2:55) How Rachel got to build her brand
  • (5: 54) How she helps people build a brand by connecting with their audience
  • (7:30) The journey Rachel takes her clients towards creating their brands
  • (8:45) How to build an authentic brand
  • (11: 26) Looking for pleasure when defining your ideal client
  • (13:35) Her course and the reasons behind her creation 
  • (16:04) People’s struggles to be “seen” when building a brand
  • (22:12) She explains the difference between getting inspiration and copycat
  • (32:30) Templates and tutorial to actually have a professional website


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