In this episode, Bailey interviews Amber Campion, a trauma informed yoga teacher and mindfulness coach, and holistic counselor. Amber talks about the importance of focusing on deep work vs hard work and the tools you can start using today to find your inner peace.


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Creating Inner Peace through Compassion and Self-Trust

If you found your way to this episode, it’s likely you want to feel successful and fulfill your aspirations, yet you’re over the ‘status quo’ projections of success and the inner battles they create. This episode is for those who think differently, are tired of forcing their way forward, and are needing permission and a more integrated pathway towards flourishing.

It is all about Peace In, Peace Out and How creating from a stance of ‘Deep Work’ versus ‘Hard Work’ expands your potential and increases inner peace along the journey of creative expression and achievement. Amber gives great actionable tools that will help you find inner peace. From developing compassion for yourself to developing your self-trust, you will come out of this episode with new tools you can add to your growing toolbox.


Key Takeaways

  • Being in a reactionary state might make you feel like you are not in control.
  • Working towards finding yourself is something that you will have to do over and over again throughout your life.
  • You can create your framework of what loving, safety, and belonging is for you.
  • If you are working from a stance of hard work then you are in outcome focus.
  • Hard work often feels like trying to hold onto something, whereas deep work is more related with trust and intuition.
  • By examining what you learned when you took a chance, you can develop your self-trust.
  • Compassion towards yourself is a powerful quality that can lead you to find inner peace.


About Amber Campion

Amber is a trauma informed yoga teacher, and mindfulness coach, and the founder of Dynamic Release Flow {Method}™ and The Fulfillment Formula™. She has been working on the field of personal development for over 10 years, empowering her clients to heal and find inner peace.


In this episode we covered:

  • (00:00) Welcome to Amber Campion to The Mindrise Podcast.
  • (04:11) Amber’s search for healing both her body and mind entirely changed the path her life took.  
  • (07:05) How being a leader helped Amber understand how to better implement a philosophy of deep work vs hard work. 
  • (11:53) The importance of working towards finding yourself again. 
  • (15:17) The limiting effect of reacting in the present according to the experiences you had in the past. 
  • (22:46) Reminders you can use to keep the focus in the process and in doing deep work.
  • (26:31) The difference you can feel in your body when you are in a hard work or a deep work mindset.  
  • (31:00) How to create a relationship of trust with yourself.
  • (36:16) Understanding that not getting what you thought you would doesn’t mean you can’t trust yourself. 
  • (42:05) Compassion towards yourself as one of the main tools to achieve inner peace. 
  • (44:30) Metta meditation as an actionable tool you can use to learn to be compassionate with yourself.


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