Dare to Dream

by Mindrise Coach, Jennifer Wielage


I dare you to dream.  

I dare you to look inside, precious one, and imagine what you are here to create, to experience, to accomplish with this one wild and precious life.

I dare you to discover your soul’s true purpose.   

I dare you to ignore that recurring voice in your head with which you often identify; that critical voice that puts you down, tells you how impossible it will be or reports “fake news” about your potential.

I dare you to remain open to the possibility that this reflection is written specifically for you because, most likely, that voice is telling you this message is for somebody else.

 Are you open to the truth that you have what it takes to shine; to show up for yourself and others in a way that blows your own mind?   Yes, you.   Stay with me.   Remain open.  What if this is for you, the nonbeliever, you who shies away from discomfort; you who have stopped believing in possibility? 

I dare you to try it; whatever it is; no matter how small, ridiculous or impossible it may seem.  I dare you to move just one small step closer to what lights you up, understanding you must crawl before you walk and walk before you run.   

What if you weren’t afraid to feel uncomfortable, awkward, rejected?  What if you welcomed it all and allowed it all?   I dare you.

Because going after our dreams will not be all rainbows, daisies and butterflies.  It will be excruciatingly uncomfortable at times.  Our brains favor familiarity; and pursuing our dreams means embracing the unknown.   I dare you to be uncomfortable and go for it anyway.

I dare you, despite all the evidence your brain will find to dissuade you, to choose to believe you have exactly what it takes.   

Ask yourself this:  what’s on the other side of all this discomfort?   Living your purpose.   I dare you to put your focus on this, taking massive action with unwavering energy.   


Do you dream of starting a nonprofit, driving across the country, becoming a parent, learning to surf, writing a memoir, or even becoming a sign language interpreter?   I dare you to start now.   And no, you’re not too old; too uncoordinated, too disorganized and it’s not a stupid idea.  You are a human, so your brain will offer you all these stories.  I dare you to cast off those negative beliefs that hold you back. 

I dare you not to allow anything or anyone to stand in the way of doing what you were put on this earth to accomplish.  While people will have their opinions, it’s up to you whether or not to listen.  

Instead, tune into the soft voice of the One who knows.   Believe that He is with you, guiding and supporting you each step of the way.    Because you are here for a reason:  to live your best life.  

Do it now.  I dare you!

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”  Mark Twain