Let’s talk about setbacks–things we didn’t see coming or things that in our gut we knew were falling down around us and we just couldn’t catch and patch the pieces as quickly as they were falling.

Like a sand castle built too close to the shoreline as the tide comes in, sometimes in the midst of the crumble and think:

“You’ve got to be kidding me…WTAF?”

The truth is–we can look back at our work and time spent as lessons learned, taking from what feels like a negative experience the new learnings, understandings, and clarity from the crumble. We learn that it’s not the setback of the experience and the headstory that can accompany it that defines who we are but instead, it’s our willingness to build again. To not interpret our experience as the last scene in the script of our life but yet a new beginning with more depth to the plot line.

In the acceptance of what we’ve learned, we find that as we move forward to build the next castle, we will build it differently. Maybe in a different position or using different materials, an alternate timeline, or perhaps a different design but nonetheless, we will build again.

And that’s the undertone I want to impart to you as we step into a new year. This isn’t magic, it’s willingness. It’s hope. It’s taking what challenges that we have faced and (as cheesy as it sounds) turning the lemons into lemonade. This deeper understanding is called our New Non-Negotiables.

Our New Non-Negotiables are a reflection of the experience that we had, what we learned from it, and ultimately what we will choose to do differently as we move forward in our lives.

  1. What were your 3 biggest wins of 2020?
  2. What were your 3 biggest challenge of 2020?
  3. What were the 3 biggest lessons you learned this year?
  4. From your experiences what are your new standards and non-negotiables going into 2021?

While we create each new year from the ground up, we bring with us the strengths and lessons learned to help build each year of our life even stronger. Who were you at the start of last year? What did you learn? Who did you become?

Who you were before going into your year is NOT the same as who you are at the end of the year. It can’t be. We evolve and change, it’s biological, it’s necessary. Our expectations, needs, wants, desires, and big visions change. We grow. It’s a good thing.

In order for us to grow forward and from the most empowered place, we need to be the change we wish to see in our every day. We do this by taking the lessons with us. The truth is, much of our wisdom comes from the WTF’s, the face downs, the setbacks, and the uncertainties. We learn and grow everyday. As we take our new non-negotiables with us, our growth becomes not only inevitable but welcomed through the new lessons of triumph rather than despair.

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