Being part of a tribe is important. And for the longest time, I acted like an island.

I feared the vulnerability of letting someone else in.
I pushed others away, feeling that my efforts and success in life somehow had more merit if I did them “on my own.”

I believed that leaning in and asking for help or support would be too much for others, that I would be a burden to them or somehow they might see behind the curtain and discover that I really didn’t have it “all together.”

I thought that if I shared my hopes or dreams that others might judge me or think that I wasn’t “good enough” to be part of their group.

There were so many stories I told myself about why I didn’t need a tribe and I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It was easier to tell myself a story about why I had to do it all myself rather than put down my shield and allow myself to be open to receiving from others.

I can see now how foolish I was but at the time, those beliefs felt very real to me.

Since leaning into having a tribe, I have learned more about myself, accelerated my leadership, and felt more supported, seen, and championed than ever before.

Having a tribe is important.

Surrounding yourself with people who get it, who understand you, who listen to you, and who want to celebrate you—there’s nothing like it in the world.

As human beings, we are not designed to live and survive independently—we need each other. Yet in the western world, we’ve long been telling ourselves this story that we can’t trust, ask for help, or be vulnerable with others.

That type of thinking holds us back, prevents us from being seen and frankly, it held me back from having the kind of life I wanted.

I remember making vision boards and putting groups of people on them:

  • Women laughing and helping each other
  • Groups having delicious dinner parties
  • Classes doing yoga together
  • Couples connecting and sharing
  • People enjoying retreat experiences

By trying to “do it all” and “be it all” alone, I was missing out on the empowering experience of community.

It’s about allowing yourself to be witnessed in the mess AND the joy.

I’ve been hosting mastermind groups and retreats for years, bringing people together with that certain magic that has you connecting, staying up all night, starting group texts (that you actually enjoy), and finally feeling like, “Yes, they get it, I’m not alone.”

Community is important to me.
Vulnerability is important to me.
Shortening the learning curve is important to me.
Not trying to “do it all” by yourself is important to me.

This is why we have created the Mindrise Collective: An Elevated Membership Experience

In the Mindrise Collective, you get to surround yourself with other likeminded people who:
  • Want to grow + expand
  • Want to make an impact
  • Want to be part of something bigger than themselves
  • Want to be inspired by elevated conversation
  • Want to lead with confidence
  • Want to be supported + celebrated in living their best life


We believe in the power of tribe—that a rising tide lifts all ships and everyone around us benefits as we grow + learn together.

We are opening the doors to the Mindrise Collective and would love to have you be part of this elevated + empowered experience.

Mindrise Collective membership is regularly $197/mth but for our kick off, we’re offering HALF-OFF MEMBERSHIP, for $97/mth if you sign up now.

Mindrise Collective Membership includes:

  • Monthly lessons on life + leadership sent right to your inbox
  • Trusted guest experts who have shaped the way I live my life
  • LIVE group office hours
  • Private membership portal with an extensive library of life + leadership lessons, journaling exercises, book suggestions, and video modules
  • Private FB community in connect with your growing tribe
  • Exclusive event offers + retreat invitations

Here’s to expanding our horizons, living our best lives, and believing whole-heartedly in the power of tribe.