Here’s the truth about living a purposeful life: It has to be all your own.

We create a purposeful life by using lifestyle design to listen to our deepest desires. When we take the time to cultivate our ideal life, to fill it full of joy and purpose, it needs to happen on our own terms.

You might be a….mother, sister, wife, partner, employee, or even a CEO, but first you must be [Insert first name here].

Remember her?

Living a purposeful life is about connecting to that girl, that inner voice, and that inner desire. It’s about giving yourself space and time to ask, “What do I really want?” and to take the time to really listen to the answer.

We all get one chance and one opportunity to create a purposeful life. It’s your task to start today.

What is it that you want from this world? What do you want from this experience of your life?

Using lifestyle design can help you to answer those questions. Lifestyle design by it’s very definition is to envision, cultivate, design, and execute your ideal way of living. Lifestyle design is creating life on your own terms, To infuse your vision for how you want to live your days.

Only when we are taking care of ourselves can we truly find the depth, power and energy to take care of others.


To be powerful we need to live in our divine purpose [Tweet it]

To give your best, you need to be your best. Being your best starts with listening to the call of living your purposeful life.

When I was working exhaustively, I thought that all of my energy was being spent taking care of others until I realized that I had become depleted.I needed to take care of myself and put myself first in order to fully live. When I took the time to slow down and look around me, I realized that I wasn’t enjoying my life. I was very busy and all consumed by work but I wasn’t really living. I needed to take time to ask myself what I really wanted.

In getting quiet and stepping away from the chaos, I realized that what I wanted was ease, connection, creativity, and play. The truth was that in all of my chaos, I never really had the opportunity to connect. I never had time for creativity and time to play was simply elusive.

When we stop waiting to be happy, that’s when we become happy. [Tweet it] By slowing down and listening to yourself, we are able to create connection. Through the practice of ease, you begin to truly live your purposeful life.


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