We wait for the right time, we wait until we have it all figured out. We second guess ourselves and don’t make any decisions. This has been a theme that we have been looking at this month–Clarity and the parts of getting stuck in our own head. What does it look like when you stop waiting for the right time and commit to taking action?

Don’t Wait

by Mindrise Coach, Jennifer Weilage


Whether it’s a quick text or a phone call, we all check in with our family and friends.  But how often do we check in with ourselves as to what we are feeling?

How often do we acknowledge, allow and process our emotions that may arise throughout the day?

Do we even question our feelings’ origins?

As a Type A personality, I had always focused on doing rather than on my feelings. After all, feelings can seem “touchy feely,” soft and unimportant when it comes to creating our desired outcomes, right?

I thought I had to push my feelings away because I believed they were irrelevant to achieving the life I wanted.   Turns out, feelings are the fuel that spur the actions needed in order to create the results we want in our lives!   What we do or don’t do, our actions, inactions or reactions, are ALL driven by our feelings!

Therefore, feelings are super important when it comes to living the life we desire! When we generate positive feelings, we take positive actions.

In addition, feelings are the reason why we want to achieve anything in our lives; we are driven by how we think we will feel when we attain what we desire!

Let me ask you:  What do you want right now?   Take a moment to think of one thing that has been on your mind, a desire for which you’ve been yearning:  a new house, a new job, a boyfriend, a home renovation.

Now think of how you’ll feel when you get that thing.

Do you think you will feel happy, loved, secure, grateful, content, peaceful, accomplished, when you attain it?  You may think there is some point at which you’ll finally gain that emotion, but this is just an illusion.

Let’s face it, that external thing for which you’ve been longing, the new house, the new car, the new boyfriend, the vacation, the new job, the promotion, will always leave you wanting more.

Because the truth is, once we attain the thing, we go right back on the merry-go-round of desire, thinking the next thing will be the cure for our discontentment.

Yet, we still go down the rabbit hole of “I’ll be happy when”, not realizing these emotions are available to us right here, right now.   Why are we putting them off?

Deep down, we all know this and yet, we still trick ourselves into believing that we need something outside of ourselves to be happy.

While it’s totally fine to have goals, obtain new possessions, venture to find the love of our life, move to a new city, we must seek to attain these things from a place of contentment and sufficiency; not grasping at them from an energy of lack or scarcity.

Why would we want to delay these delicious feelings until we get that thing?  What if you could generate those feelings now, in advance of having the new house, the new job, the new boyfriend?

Our thoughts and our thoughts alone create our feelings.  This is good news because we know we can’t change other people, circumstances outside of our control or the world, but we can change our thoughts about these circumstances.   We can choose to think whatever we want to think on purposefilling our minds with thoughts that generate feelings that will drive us towards our goals and our dreams.

Moreover, when we generate the desired feeling ahead of time prior to achieving the outcome, we attract the very results we want in our lives.

How can we conjure up those feelings we desire? 

By managing our minds; by being more deliberate and more intentional with our thinking.

We all have a 50/50 mixture of positive and negative emotions.  This was our Creator’s design.  We need to experience the contrast.   For example, if we were never sad, how would we know what happiness was?    All of our emotions are important and meant to be embraced and honored.

The truth is, we will experience the 50/50 split of emotions as a single person, in a romantic relationship, in our current home and when we get our dream home. We will experience the 50/50 in our current job and when we land our dream job.

Isn’t this fascinating? 

Nothing, no person, no situation, no circumstance can cause our feelings.  We cause our own feelings by how we interpret our circumstances.  Sometimes we will interpret things positively and sometimes we will interpret things negatively.   It’s up to us to choose.  Knowing this empowers us and helps us to be more emotionally mature.

This awareness also awakens us to the truth that we are not at the effect of life; rather, we are co-creators in creating the life we desire.

So what do you want and how do you think you will feel when you get it?  Generate those feelings right now.  Don’t wait!