This weekend I was listening to a talk about vulnerability from Brene Brown–one of the things she shared was that the antidote to feelings of shame and judgement is acceptance. Radical self-love and acceptance. Funny thing was, she also noted that self-love is hard for people. It’s easy for so many of us to externalize our love, loving others more than ourselves but that the real magic in life is to love yourself first. Do you? In this week’s blog, I hope you enjoy this affirmation filled prose from Mindrise Coach, Jennifer Wielage, as much as I did…

I Am Easy to Love

by Jennifer Wielage, Mindrise Coach


Say it with me now: “I am easy to love.”

Repeat it again, and this time really mean it: “I am easy to love.”

Allow your heart and soul to remind you when your brain tells you otherwise: “I am easy to love.”

Affirm over and over until that inner critic starts to subside: “I am easy to love.”

Say it when you feel “imperfect;” when you don’t have all the answers, when you don’t feel like you have it “all together”; “I am easy to love.”

Remind yourself that it is because of your imperfection, your rawness, your authenticity, your realness, that you are so beautiful; not just despite your imperfections but because of them. Proclaim these words, “I am easy to love.”

Say it to those who have left your life, (by the way, it wasn’t because of you):  Tell them:  “I am easy to love.”   

Say it in those times when you doubt your worthiness, your value, your enoughness: “I am easy to love.”

Say it to the parts of you that feel too much; say it to the parts of you that feel insignificant and unimportant: “I am easy to love.”

Say it when it’s easy and feels amazingly true.  Say it louder when it’s hard and feels unbelievable:  “I am easy to love!”   

Say it when you’re angry, scared or overwhelmed by the craziness of life: “I am easy to love.”

Say it when you are feeling “less than” all those to whom you compare yourself: “I am easy to love.”

Say it with conviction and authority and watch your heart open up and the self-doubt disappear:  “I am easy to love.”

Find all the evidence around you that proves it true.  Write it all down; all the ways you are easy to love:  your laugh with the intermittent snort, that dimple that appears on your cheek when you smile, your brilliant mind, your ability to listen.  Say it when you have all the evidence: “I am easy to love.”

Say it when you can’t find the evidence, when all you see are your faults:  your clumsiness, your spicy temper, your morning breath, your hair in knots.  (It’s all you and it’s perfectly imperfect.)

Especially when you don’t feel like it, say it even louder:   “I am easy to love!”

And don’t just say it; show it.  Show yourself by radical acts of self-care.