I’m on vacation for family beach week so I’ll keep this short.

It all started with ice cream.

On my first day of vacation, it was sunny & hot so we stopped for ice cream. It was the kind of deliciousness that only ice cream can be at the beach in mid-July.


The next day, we went for a walk and stopped by the same ice cream spot. My hubby asked, “Would you like some ice cream?”

My first thought was, “Yes, YUM.”

But then the “should-monster” showed up…I shouldn’t eat ice cream two days in a row…I shouldn’t have too many sweet treat…I shouldn’t blah-blah-blah…

It got me thinking about all those damned shoulds that hold us back from enjoying the deliciousness of life.

The things we think we should do and even the things we think we shouldn’t do keep us playing small. Those shoulds make us feel limited, guilty, and most especially less than.

We’ve all been there…
“I should stay in the job (even though I don’t like it)”
“I should work out more (even though I much prefer reading a book in the bath)”
“I shouldn’t sleep in too late (even though I could really use the rest)”

The truth is…when we’re stuck in should, we don’t open ourselves up to listening to what we really want.

When we allow ourselves to be held back by shoulds, we don’t get to experience what’s beyond the place of keeping us small.

I’m going to dance in the deliciousness of enjoying life and savoring the essence of summer…I’m going to eat the ice cream.

On the blog, I’d love to hear from you…what are you holding back from enjoying?



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