Each month of your 90 Day Elevate Experience has a different theme. Our first month is themed as ‘Rise,’ this is where we wake up and establish the new habits and routines that will make us feel connected and successful in having a journaling practice.

Next, our second month will be all about ‘Transformation.’ Like a caterpillar making it’s migration to become a butterfly, we will learn how to transform into who we are becoming.

Finally, in ‘Lead,’ our final month, we will take our changes and commit to showing up in the spirit of leadership by creating a ripple affect of impact in the world.

We are WHO we decide to be, start today!

RISE > In this video, you’ll be learning to set a solid foundation to rise.

TRANSFORM > From a solid foundation, it’s time to transform, this video will give you the tools to make lasting changes.

LEAD > How we show up in the world and lead means everything about making our impact. In this video, we’ll talk about what it means to lead with confidence.

> RISE <


> LEAD <


Here’s what’s NEXT > You’ve started on your personal development journey by getting consistent with your journaling practice, now it’s time to take consistent next level action.

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