Money…what a touchy topic. We’ve all got a “story” about money–how we feel about it, how it makes us feel about ourselves, it can even trigger our insecurities about what we’re worth. It’s a BIG one. Today’s Blog Babysitter, goes boldly where most women don’t want to go: talking about how SHE feels about money and making an investment in herself. Talking about money can make us feel naked. Check out this amazing dream weaver & life coach, Emily Cassel’s story about how she stepped up to spending on herself (and why you should too!)


Emily Cassel

Money: the area of our lives where we experience the most blocks.

We all have a story about money, and most of our stories are limiting.

According to Tony Robbins, “The only thing keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself about why you can’t have it.”

Over the past year, I’ve drastically changed my money story by becoming more aware of what it was, then taking steps to change my thinking and relationship with money. This led me to invest in myself in a BIG way. I spent over $7,000 last year on various self-development programs, coaches, and self-care.

At the time I made these investments in myself, it wasn’t that my money situation was great or that I had more money flowing in than ever before. Actually, the time I decided to make my first (largest) investment, I probably had about $300 in my bank account. Scary, right?!

I knew that the opportunity to invest in my coaching program felt perfectly aligned and was exactly what I needed at the time: I was feeling stuck, lost, and disconnected from what it was that I really wanted and who I really was.

I had faith that somehow things would work out and align so that I could sign up, and the next morning, I received an e-mail telling me I had received my tax return 3 weeks early (Ah, yes. Synchronicity at work)! The amount was exactly half of the total cost of the program, and the other half of the payment, I could save up for over the next 6 months. So I signed up, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I had a lot of faith that these investments would add value to my life. Sure, I did cut down on other things in my life – but these were the things that weren’t adding value, like excessive amounts of new clothes or shoes, random snacks or takeout meals, and the like. This experience taught me that if we want something enough for the right reasons and have faith, the universe conspires with us to make it happen.

I thought of these investments like buying success insurance. I knew that I wanted to launch my life coaching business and leave my full-time job, and I’d never done something like that before. I wanted as much support as I could possibly get, and in terms of a feminine business model, this also meant investing in becoming the person I wanted to be so that I could show up in my business, fully embodying my dream life.

All of these investments I made in myself, from massages to coaching programs to a yoga retreat, became such high priorities that I didn’t miss the stuff I “gave up” to create my ultimate vision. I was focused on the big picture, adding value, and feeling as prepared as possible to take my big leap. I felt so fulfilled in the most important areas of my life that I didn’t even desire to go back to my old frivolous spending habits, because I now knew that the results I was creating through those investments were worth more than a dollar figure.

Taking my leap into entrepreneurship wouldn’t have been possible without this shift in my mentality and behaviors around my money and how I was spending it. Finding my purpose, getting clear on exactly what I wanted, and being held accountable for making it happen would not have happened otherwise.  To get to where I am right now, living my dream life just 11 months after making my first investment in myself, would have taken more than double the time without these support systems and self-care. All the amazing things I learned, about myself, my business, and so much more, along the journey wouldn’t have been part of the equation either, and I wouldn’t have the tools to get here with as much ease and authenticity.  Looking back, I would have stunted my growth immensely had I not chosen to invest in myself.

I am so passionate about helping women to step up and into a more empowered space where they make themselves a priority, because I know that it is the only way we can reach our fullest potential. In order to be the best women we can be, we have to start with ourselves – filling ourselves up first so that we can give to others and serve the world from a place of abundance. And that starts from within.

There’s no quick fix for creating the life you crave – you have to be willing and committed to doing the work and to viewing yourself as 100% “worth it” in terms of money, time, and energy. [TWEET IT!]

The money we invest in ourselves is a gift that keeps giving, both to us and to others. We are our most valuable resource, and our relationship with ourselves is the only one that exists from the day we’re born to the day we pass.

When we invest in ourselves, we send the message to the universe, to our brains, and to the rest of the world that we’re worth it, that we’re committed to changing, and that we’re ready for MORE. And that’s exactly what we receive – MORE! More happiness, abundance, passion, knowledge, transformation, understanding, and growth.

So, love, are you ready for more? Tell me what “more” looks like for you today in the comments below! I can’t wait to continue the conversation with you!

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Emily Cassel wants to live in a world where everyone is empowered to turn their passions into profit, to fill themselves up first, to embrace the magic of sisterhood, and to truly follow their dreams! As a Life Coach & Dream Weaver, she’s been highlighted on the blogs of Her Campus,Stevie Storck Design Co.Deliberate Beings, & Styrkemat. Emily is a member of the Board of Sophisticated CEOs and a Featured Lifestyle Expert on Success Society. She is also a strategic partner of Rutz Skincare, and manages the company’s entire lifestyle blog, serving as the brand’s Lifestyle Guru & Business Coach.
Emily has brought to life both a virtual and live component to her sisterhood program, Hippies In Heels, to cater to her true soul sisters who also love coupling spirituality with entrepreneurship, and who dream about running soul-centered businesses of their own.
When she’s not in a yoga class or cuddling her toy Australian Shepherd, Byron, you can find her reading self-development books or meeting some girlfriends for tea, fabulous food, and deep & meaningful conversation. Discover how to truly live your dream and step into your feminine power at!


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