One powerful & transformational day to guide you in clearing the blocks & creating the clarity you need to change your path to success forever.

When was the last time you had a whole day to focus on you?

Within the past year, have you taken the time to map out your goals, dreams and vision (looking at the BIG picture for what you want — instead of being stuck in the day-to-day details)?


A private intensive is full day to explore what’s possible for your life… to step into your power… to expand beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.


In just one day, you can achieve more progress toward your purpose, mission and vision than you would in 6-12 months, without this experience.


My own experience participating in a private intensive catalyzed powerful shifts in my life.

When I took an entire day to dive deep, with the support and guidance of an experienced coach:


  • I got crystal clear about the kind of life I wanted to live
  • I learned how to redefine success on my own terms
  • I created a business I love, that is in alignment with my purpose


I also realized that part of my mission is to create this kind of transformational experience for other women.bailey-51


Are you an ambitious woman who desires results quickly, and doesn’t want to wait around for things to happen?


Are you ready to step into living a more purpose-driven life?
Then I’m talking to YOU.

I Believe:
  • Ambitious women are a force of nature
  • We are capable of change beyond our wildest dreams
  • That once we have a fire within us, it is our duty to tend that fire and let it grow
Our 1:1 private intensive experience is designed to ignite the flame within you to make your dreams and ambitions come alive.
We will maximize the time we spend together and laser-focus on the areas of your life & business that require the most attention.


Imagine spending the entire day together, getting the guidance & support you need, and walking away with:


  • Clarity on your purpose
  • A clear mission statement and manifesto
  • The confidence to make choices in service of your higher purpose
  • An understanding of how to put “life-size,” lasting change into place (and stay accountable to your vision)
  • A step-by-step plan for the year ahead
  • A clear roadmap to confidently step into the direction of your dreams
  • A fool-proof strategy to keep yourself “in the zone” (and away from energy and focus-sucking traps)





What’s Included in Your 1:1 Private Intensive?


  • 6 Hours of 1:1 Time with me for coaching, strategizing, and taking action on stepping into your power.
  • Detailed Welcome Packet for you to reflect on what you want to accomplish during your 1:1 Private Intensive so that our time together is laser-focused on getting you the results you want.
  • A Clear, Personalized Action Plan to take home with you, so you know exactly what you will be working on in the next 6-12 months to create the lifestyle, success, and transformation you desire.
  • Your Personalized Toolkit–including resources, referrals, and recommendations for books or other supplementary tools specifically tailored to your action plan.
  • 90 Days of Unlimited Email Access – Open door access for you to send me questions and receive additional support following your 1:1 Private Intensive experience.
  • Two 30-Minute Follow-Up Coaching Strategy Sessions to help you stay focused and committed to your transformation, and support you in any needed course corrections. (Typically completed within 1-3 months)


Choose Your 1:1 Private Intensive Experience*


Sonoma, CA – November/December 2017




Isabela, Puerto Rico – February/March 2017




Bali, Indonesia – August/September 2018




*Virtual 1:1 Private Intensives are also available by request.


Are you ready to consciously create the life you want NOW?


The Truth Is:

We change our lives when we are ready.


Are you ready to…


  • Play a bigger game
  • Expand yourself bigger than you thought possible
  • Examine your belief systems
  • Challenge yourself to live a fuller life
  • Let go of what is no longer serving you to live your higher purpose
  • Redefine your experience of success
  • Dive deep to uncover what’s been getting in your way
  • Make an impact on the world and change lives



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Here’s a Preview of Our

1:1 Private Intensive Experience Together:


Receive & complete Clarity Intensive Welcome Packet 2 weeks prior to experience
AM Conference
10am: Define your goals for our experience together.
AM Coaching
10:30am – 12pm: Coaching session based on your unique mission & vision.
12pm -1pm: Working lunch to continue our process.
PM Coaching
1pm – 3pm: Coaching session based on your unique mission & vision.
PM Wrap Up
3pm – 4pm: Create your personalized action plan and next steps strategy.
Following your 1:1 Private Clarity Intensive, 2 additional coaching sessions (to be completed 1-3 months following experience)


Are You Ready?



Meet Clients Who Have Worked With

Me To Create Their Own Transformation…


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Julie circle pic
“Working with Bailey has has given me the courage to start making some big changes in my life.  We worked together to dream up my ideal lifestyle and Bailey was the one who pushed me to realize that all of this is possible and more.  She taught me that getting my toes wet and taking small steps towards my dreams everyday is what leads to major growth.  I have a new found clarity about what I want and a roadmap of how to make it happen.
Before working with Bailey, I was stuck in a cycle of fear and “perfection paralysis”.  I was scared to make any changes in my life because I was always worried about whether I would measure up to my own high expectations, so I stalled and did nothing instead.  Once we started working together in the Inspired Living program I realized that these unrealistic expectations were holding me back.  If I wanted to become “unstuck” all I needed to do was reframe my thoughts and determine why I wanted to make these changes.  Allowing myself the space to make one small change at a time was huge- this is how all great changes are made!  Once I started moving in the direction of my goals my vision became clear.”
-Julie O’Brien, Holistic Health Coach at

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“In working with Bailey, I’m learning to manage the ‘overwhelming’ feeling I get with all of the tasks that I take on. Before working with Bailey, I didn’t have a way to manage the many tasks. I had used google calendar, but didn’t find the satisfaction that I found with writing out my list of to-dos every morning and then ticking them off as the day wore on. The 3 most significant improvements I’ve experienced with our coaching have been: Accountability when speaking weekly, Roadmap – I was able to clarify my goals and desires. I was able to even create a roadmap! And Direction – I feel incredibly more focused and purposeful now that I’ve created a roadmap.”
– Gayatri Bahl Patel, multi-passionate entrepreneur and actress at and

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“Before working with Bailey, I was over stressed and had become insomniac. I wanted more fun in my life and to focus much more on self-care, while I was building my business. I was intrigued by the principle of living life at your terms, everyday.
The best thing about working with Bailey is her capacity to reframe all of your stories into clear insights and advice that takes you to another level. Her humor and soft way of coaching makes you feel very comfortable to be open with her about your current life situations, fears, beliefs. I also often felt that, despite my stories, for Bailey I was… normal. That eased my mind and gave me courage to take things in hand instead of tapping on my head and not doing anything. I always looked forward to talk to her!”
– Katie Van De Vijver, Coach for Expat Spouses at

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Before working with Bailey, I was losing faith in myself, I was blocked from writing, and really almost unable to step into my role as a coach.  Then I received Bailey’s gentle kick up the butt!  Amazing – when I followed the advice that Bailey and I had discussed would be a great (and aligned) plan to get me going again…. things just started to fall into place and my coaching blossomed.
I really lost my ‘being a victim’ B.S. entirely once I started with what we’d mapped out, and things just started to happen.  I got published in the Huffington Post – so obviously got over my writer’s block!  I got 25 one-off session clients in the space of 3 weeks (and they adore what I’m doing, and more are coming in) and am in the process of signing long-term clients now.  Bailey, you truly set me on fire.  I know it took me a wee while to apply our plan, but once I did, I’ve flown, and I am so grateful for you, and to you.”
-Mariska Andersen, PhD, writer and coach at

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