In this episode, Bailey interviews Kit Maloney, an entrepreneur, female pleasure activist and the founder of Kitara, a company providing yoni steaming equipment and education. Kit and Bailey discuss the importance of connecting with the body and some key steps to do so.


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Summary of the episode:

How many times have you taken your body for granted? Connecting with your body and feeling that sensation of embodiment is something that is not often talked about. However, it can be key in overcoming trauma, leading a happier life, and truly being present in every experience of your life. In this episode, Kit Maloney has a candid conversation in which she shares the trauma she experienced and how she was able to face it and stay in alignment with her true purpose.


Losing your north can be easier than you think, but finding the way back and reconnecting with yourself is always possible. This is what Kit did, and it has led her on a wonderful journey of self-discovery and to help other women do the same. She has experienced the benefits of gentle and safe yoni or vaginal steaming, and she candidly shares her experience and how she faced her trauma. Kit also remarks on the importance of surrounding yourself with the people who help you grow and that bring out the best in you.


Key Takeaways

  • You can imagine the world you want to live in as a way to find the way to create it right now.
  • There is no one moment of realization that allows you to change your life. There are usually many moments that allow you to grow and find your alignment.
  • The only way to steam the yoni safely is by honoring the connection with the body.
  • Self body shaming and comparing yourself with Instagram influencers can be a sign that you need to take a social media break.
  • You can make your loved ones your closest influencers, the people who inspire and add something to your life.


About Kit Maloney

Kit Maloney is an entrepreneur, female advocate, and a pleasure activist who founded Kitara. This is a company that looks to empower women and help them connect with their bodies by providing yoni steaming equipment. Kit has experienced herself the healing powers of this practice and wants others to benefit from it as well.


In this episode we covered:

  • (00:00) Welcome to Kit Maloney to The Mindrise Podcast.
  • (03:13) Kit’s path towards entrepreneurship and how she always knew her purpose was helping women.
  • (06:21) The difficulty Kit had reconciling with the sexual assault she suffered and how she attempted to focus in academia to avoid dealing with the trauma.
  • (09:42) Kit’s realization that her career had gone on a road that was not aligned with her and her purpose. 
  • (12:22) How Kit’s decision to open a business focused on female pleasure allowed her to deal with her trauma. 
  • (21:12) The creation of Kitara as a company that empowers women by allowing them to connect with their yoni.
  • (24:37) The importance of soul-body connection and how focusing on the external can sometimes harm this link.
  • (30:19) Social media can be one of the things that takes you out of alignment and brings up feelings of not being good enough.
  • (31:55) How nature has helped Kit unwind and her intention to start creating her own little garden, including herbs apt for yoni steaming.
  • (39:00) Looking forward while focusing on the present are not mutually exclusive endeavors.
  • (40:20) Kit’s invitation to consider the body and connect with your internal wisdom.


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