I’ve always been a “do-it-myself” kinda girl. Frequently multitasking, over-tasking, and trying to do it all. “No” just wasn’t in my vocabulary, I wanted to help everyone and do everything. I was in chronic overachieving overdrive.

Have you ever felt this way?

I was trying to grow up, find a career, fins a partner, make everyone happy, not go into debt and find happiness all at the same time. And I wasn’t happy, not in the least. I faked it, but I think I was only fooling myself.

Something had to give and it was bound to be me. So, what’s a “do-it-myself” kinda girl finally do? Crash hard. That was two years ago and I think my bumps and bruises are starting to finally fade away.

Have you ever been there?

Have you ever been in a place where all of the tasks on your “to-do” list feel like they needed to be done immediately? The place where all of your promises, projects, and obligations start to put you in a place of serious overwhelm? The place where sleep becomes a luxury. In fact, getting 5 hours feels like an indulgence.

When we operate on full blast without taking a moment to slow down, we begin to burn out. This is especially true when you are so busy that self-care falls last on the list.

If we try to do it all, have it all, and check all the boxes, we end up missing out on the essence of life. (Tweet it!) When our daily pace is 100 mph, we are unable to connect with others and most importantly ourselves.

It’s important to make the effort to slow down and connect with our personal experience of the world around us, we connect with our true purpose, our reason for being, and the direction we need to take in our life ahead.



It’s about living in the tree line.

To live in the tree line is to find the balance. It won’t work if you live only in your work or only in family, or only in yourself. To live in the tree line is to find the kind of balance where fulfillment is made.

I began to find my balance by living “in the tree line” when I started tuning into me again. Instead of asking, “What now?”, I was asking myself “What do I want?” The more I listened, the louder the voice grew. I wanted to figure it out and I wanted my freedom. Let me show you how to step out of the panic zone and start to live life on your own terms.

In the comments below, I would love to know 2 things:

How are you tuning in to listen to yourself? I’d love to know, what was your biggest a-ha! moment?


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