How have you been feeling lately? Overwhelmed? Me too.

I saw a sign that said, “Just 2 Saturdays until Christmas.” My heart started to race with panic and worry. Thoughts raced…”Am I ready? Did I get all my shopping done? Am I going to be able to balance my biz with all of the upcoming holiday parties and plans?”

Sometimes overwhelm sets in when we’ve got ALOT going on and sometimes we’ve just got ALOT going on that causes overwhelm. Sounds a lot like…”What came first, the chicken or the egg?”. Doesn’t really matter because when I’m feeling overwhelmed, all I care about is how to get back on track.


I wanted to help start your week off right. Say goodbye to overwhelm because this week I’m sharing the 4 essential steps you need to step out of fear and overwhelm. I’ve got a new class featured on PowerfulYou! Women’s Network.

Woo hoo!

Feel that sigh of relief already? Awesome.

PowerfulYou! Women’s Network is founded on the belief that women are powerful creators and compassionate leaders who are the heart and backbone of the world’s homes and communities. Their mission is to empower women to find their inner wisdom, follow their passion, and lead rich authentic lives.


When they asked me to share my wisdom in an upcoming class, I was all in. I decided to focus on helping women get out of that space of stress and overwhelm so they feel fully able to step into their most powerful and authentic lives.

As one of the fabulous women in my world, you get to listen in on my transformational class.


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Creating The Life You Want:
4 Steps to Escape Fear & Overwhelm

This workshop is PERFECT for you if you want to know…

  • Where fear comes from and how it keeps you stuck
  • The #1 obstacle for ambitious women
  • How to get back in the driver’s seat
  • The power of knowing what you want


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