In the last few weeks, I’ve been spending some time focused on RE-filling my cup.

I’ve gone on vacation, I’ve read new books, I’ve watched new documentaries, talked to new people that were different than me, and tried new things that I’ve never been comfortable with before.


Because I want to expand and push myself to create a BIGGER version of me.


Because I believe when I know more, I can give more.

Because I believe that when I know and understand myself better, I can help people to get more clarity about who they are and how they show up in the world.

That being said, I’m popping into your inbox to invite you to ask yourself:

“How am I filling my cup?”
“How am I growing who I am and how I live my life?”
“How am I making the impact I’m meant to make?”

We often don’t take the time off until we’re burnt out, we don’t read the book until we’re trying to solve “the problem,” we don’t seek out conversations or get to know other people unless we’re lonely. But I’m inviting you to do it before you are lonely or before you have “the problem.” I’m inviting you to take the vacation before you feel the burn out or the boredom.

We all have BIGGER lives that we are meant to live and often we get hung up or bogged down by the minutia.

We sweat the “small stuff” and let it get in the way of the bigger thing that we are meant to do. Sometimes that’s by design because if we are focusing on the easier, smaller, more manageable stuff, we never make time to actually handle the “bigger stuff” in our lives. And other times we haven’t a clue what we should be focusing on, striving for, pushing ourselves to become so we just stay comfortable in what’s smaller for us to deal with.

So, why am I sharing this with you today? Perhaps it’s because this is the moment where you needed to get this message. Perhaps it’s the one time where you needed someone to ask you these questions, to push you a little bit, to get you to think.

Really, I’m just sharing it because I believe that when we push ourselves to grow, when we figure out a new part of ourselves, we need to share it, so I’m sharing my discoveries–you can take the vacation, try something new, or meet someone you don’t know–not from a place of lack in your life but from a place of desiring to grow even BIGGER than you are today.

Here’s my list this month…


Own Your Power (My book)…it’s on pre-release now, yay! I’ve been hosting book talks and live readings to share it

18 Minutes of Impact: TED Talk by Dolores Hirschman

7 Principles for a More Productive & Fulfilling Life by Cat Stancik

I’ve been crushing beach reads (I mean, when at the beach, why not?)



Tony Robbins Documentary

Netflix’s Bloodline

WSA World Surfing Tour



Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kerysaki (I always forget how to spell his last name)

‘Hipster Cocktail Party’ Mix on Pandora



Dolores Hirschman–I read her book, I’m ready to do my TED talk, who better than to speak with the TEDx organizer herself on how to do it

Everyone at the farmer’s market–it’s important for me to know where my food comes from, I hang at the farmer’s market and pick their brain This is my very short list..there’s more to add and I’m happy to do a FB Live and talk more about it…perhaps I will, keep your eyes peeled

I would love to hear from you, email me:–how have you been FILLING your cup? What have you been reading, watching, and doing this summer?



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