What does it mean to be present over perfect?

What does it mean to leave behind the constructs of the way you’ve always done things in exchange for new horizons and new ways of thinking?

As people we tend to be wired to hold on tightly to what we know, preferring the known to the unknown. Preferring certainty to uncertainty. Preferring predictably to the unpredictable.

But what happens when the only way for us to grow is to let go?

What happens when the only way for us to evolve and expand is by way of stepping outside our comfort zone?

What can we do to allow ourselves to exhale, loosen our grip and just go for it?

I’ve been working on this. Without realizing it, I’ve been evolving (you probably have too and didn’t even notice).

Sometimes we make changes in a very intentional way—consciously, with effort, attention, or trying. And in other moments, we evolve organically by way of the seeds of intention that had long been planted finally coming to bloom. At first it feels a bit unexpected and then we feel the stretch, the pull, the struggle (sometimes) of internal growth.

We are challenged to think in different ways, consider alternative solutions, and think far outside the box we’ve always known.

I’m here now.

Sometimes it feels painful to be stretched so much, sometimes it feels scary leaving the predictable and known and giving way to the possibility of embracing the unknown.

Sometimes I get it right (a lot of times I don’t).

But I try.

It’s not in the knowing or in the courage. I often get asked what it really takes to change yourself, change your life, change your belief systems and my answer is nearly always the same—it takes willingness.

Willingness to try, willingness to persist, willingness to let go, willingness to play, willingness to be right, willingness to be wrong, and ultimately willingness to simply put yourself out there and try.

What would it look like to invite willingness into your life? Where are you feeling most challenged right now? Where are you feeling called to grow + expand within yourself?

Of course I’m curious—let’s chat, I’d love to hear from you about what’s going on in your world and where your growing next.

Let’s set up a call to connect—here’s a link to my calendar: bit.ly/baileyconsult I’m pretty flexible in August but I’ll be taking sometime off mid-month.