In this episode, Bailey interviews Sam Kabert, an entrepreneur, podcaster, and one of Forbes’ 40 under 40. Sam talks about the events that led him to go from a “to do” mindset to a path of connecting with his spirituality and his mission of sharing the message of soul/life balance with others.


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You probably have a “to do” list, but do you have a “to feel” list?

You might often find yourself on the go, doing the next thing on your list and checking all the boxes that will lead you to your ultimate goal. However, this sometimes becomes a barrier that separates you from your feelings and your “why”. Why are you doing the things you are doing and do they connect with what you truly want or are you acting on the expectations and narrative of society?

After building a million dollar business and becoming one of Forbes’ 40 under 40, Sam Kabert realized he only felt emptier than when he first started on his entrepreneurial journey. This led him to embark on a path of connection with his own spirituality, and he talks about the importance of allowing yourself to feel as well as to connect with your masculine and femenine energies. He also talks about the many projects he is currently working on and the role spirituality has in helping him face his fears and keeping his perspective regarding what is truly important.


Key Takeaways

  • Visualizing and being able to set things in motion is as instrumental as being in action all the time.
  • Most of us are doing what we are told without ever wondering what it is that we really want to do.
  • The femenine energy within us guides us while the masculine energy helps us do and achieve.
  • Asking yourself your “why” before getting on a task can change how you take on new projects.
  • Spirituality helps you get out of your own head and transcend the narrative society has imposed on you since birth.
  • The importance of going to the “to feel list” instead of the “to do list”.



Sam Kabert is an entrepreneur, podcaster, author, and one of Forbes’ 40 under 40. After his success in Silicon Valley, Sam embarked on a journey of spirituality, which has led him to create resources to help others connect with this part of themselves as well. He is currently working on a new book and he has started Clone Yourself as part of his mission to enable others to live more and work less.


In this episode we covered:

  • (00:00) Welcome to Sam Kabert to The Mindrise Podcast.
  • (03:23) How Sam’s abilities to visualize led him to create and become a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur.
  • (05:02) The importance of creativity and creating content as the foundation of success and positioning Sam as one of Forbes’ 40 under 40.
  • (08:28) Sam’s realization that checking all the boxes of his “to do” list was only making him feel emptier and how this led him to a more spiritual path.
  • (11:41) The tools Sam used to connect with his spirituality and deal with his own ego and to understand the masculine and femenine energies that live in all of us.
  • (18:30) Sam’s next steps spreading the word about soul-life balance and how he is planning to do things differently and provide opportunities for others to embrace this.
  • (23:03) How the many things to do usually come from a thought of “I need to do this” and the role spirituality has in putting things into perspective. 
  • (25:11) Being true to what feels good to you and what it is that you truly want to do.
  • (26:25) Sam’s tools to face fear, which are based on embracing being a human and enjoying the things you like to do.  


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