We all have those face down in the dirt moments–the ones where the criticism in your head and your thoughts of failure are far louder than any bit of positivity, hope, or desire to try again. We look at our failed attempts and most frustrating moment as a barometer of what it possible for ourselves.

This often causes us to shrink.

To shrink our dreams, our wants, our thoughts about what is possible down to the bare minimum.

And then all the next moves we make are an attempt to keep us safe. We slip into self preservation mode and our subconscious takes over. This can mean a myriad of things but most notably, it’s the ways in which we talk ourselves OUT of what we had always wanted to do or thought was possible. It’s not so much that we notice ourselves giving up–it’s more that we are licking our wounds, recovering our pride, and restoring our sense of equilibrium.

We attempt to “go back to normal,” a comfort zone of sorts.

I was talking to a client of mine this week about “The Hero’s Journey.” Have you heard of it?

It’s concepts and process are founded from the work of philosopher, Joseph Campbell. Campbell explains that the hero’s journey isn’t just for classical heroes, but for all of us. It is, essentially, a path of maturation that all evolving humans follow. “It’s a fundamental experience that everyone has to undergo.”

It takes us from the world we have known to navigate the challenges of life and from those challenges, we derive lessons that teach us who we are and what we want in life. Emerging from those experiences, we then develop our “new normal.”

This is WHY coaching is so stinking important!! Because when we are faced with the challenges that make us want to give up, having a coach helps us to figure it out.

Having a “plus 1” in your corner is all about…

  1. Shortening the learning curve
  2. Not ALWAYS having to learn the hard way
  3. Learning how to get out of your own way
  4. Ultimately achieving your goals FASTER!!

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