It’s happened to me more times than I can recall. I was trying to think of a relatable story to tell to demonstrate the point I’m going to make for you in this blog and I realized that I had more instances to count.

Whether it was transferring colleges during my third year, the countless heartbreaks over the years, the career that I worked so hard for but couldn’t wait to leave, or the end of my marriage, I have learned that in life sometimes we need destruction in order to make way for new creation.

Sometimes the dumpster fire needs to happen because destruction clears the way for creation. In order to be open to what’s new, we often need to make space. Making space isn’t always with ease and grace, sometimes making space in our life feels more like the pains of a slash and burn.

Getting life together while your life is falling apart teaches us what we are truly made of. Many times we get our heads stuck in this “I’ll be happy when…” mentality…

…I’ll be happy when I’m finally on the other side of this….
…I’ll be happy when I meet somebody new…
…I’ll be happy when I finally figure out my purpose…
…I’ll be happy when there’s a cure…
…I’ll be happy when it’s 2021….

None of these things are true. We choose to be happy. And the truth is, we can choose to smile right in the middle of the mess.

Believe me, life can be an absolute sh*t show sometimes. When everything that we’ve been working so hard for falls apart around us, when we feel like we’ve been hit by a 2×4 out of the complete blue. When the job we’ve had becomes obsolete or the future we worked so hard to cultivate goes up in smoke.

This is when we need to remember that we are not a victim of our circumstances. This is when we need to remember that we are still in the driver seat of our one precious life. This is when we need to remember that all is not lost—especially when things are falling apart around you provide a unique opportunity to pivot.

Our success in life is often determined by our willingness to show up in midst of the chaos and embrace the chance to reinvent ourselves. It’s in the opportunity to recreate and renovate rather than feel beholden to our perception of brokenness, that we truly find our strength.

This is why we host our Strategy + Planning Workshop every single year since we founded the company almost 7 years ago. Because we need to carve out the time to create our vision. To not feel worn down by the WTAF but instead, open our arms wide open to the possibility of what can become…AND what only we have the power to make possible.

Here’s to you (and me too because seriously, sometimes we can use all the help we can get, haha).

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