I’ve been feeling incredibly called to abundance lately. Whether it’s the season of giving, or possibly my abundantly growing belly…the theme of abundance has really been in my thoughts.

Especially this morning in yoga, when asked to set an intention, mine was ‘Abundance.’ Later in the class during savasana, I began to think about how I can give abundantly this season.

It’s always been a tradition for my husband and I to give during the holidays. This has been a practice taught to me from my family. Even when we didn’t have much, I learned as a child, the amazing feeling of giving to others in need. In the past few years, I have ‘adopted’ a family or two from the christmas donation tree. Even last week, I was walking by one at the bank and couldn’t help but stop and pick up a tag of a little girl in need of a new dress.

This year, I wanted to find a way to give abundantly to the amazing women in my life…this means you!

I’ve got a special BONUS for you, check out my quick video below:



I had an inspiration in yoga this morning at Barefoot Yoga (same spot as this month’s workshop series!). While in savasana, I thought, “I want to give abundantly to the women in my inner circle but how…”

I came up with a great idea (as seen in my new video above), you give, I give. For the first 5 women (I know in the video I said 3 but then I started writing this blog and thought, “Oh! Let’s do 5!”)

In the comments section below, I want to know how you give abundantly, whether during the holiday season or all year long.


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