In this episode, Bailey interviews Katie DePaola, the CEO of Inner Glow Circle and the best-selling author of At Least You Look Good. Katie shares her five rules of life, the methods she used and continues to use to overcome trauma, and why she firmly believes life always gets better.


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We tend to focus on what is likely or probable to happen instead of what is possible? Katie DePaola has an entirely different perspective on this. She challenges you to think of what is possible… and then go for it! Katie is very candid about her life and the hardships she faced after the death of her brother and being diagnosed with a chronic incurable disease. 

Where others might have given up, Katie kept going, and she is now a CEO and best-selling author, sharing her experience and insights with you. Katie explains her five rules for life and how they have helped her take the reins of her journey. She talks about the importance of showing up, trusting your intuition, and letting go of your attachments. After all, it’s up to you to build your path to possibility.

About Katie DePaola

Katie DePaola is the CEO of Inner Glow Circle and a best-selling author. In her book At Least You Look Good, she dives deep into the trauma that marked her life and how she managed to overcome and grow from it. Katie wants to empower other women to become entrepreneurs and to build the life they’ve always wanted.

Key Takeaways

  • You can take your biggest challenges and turn them into your greatest opportunities.
  • Journaling is an excellent technique to unmuddle your thoughts and get the clarity you seek.
  • What’s meant for you can’t miss you as long as you show up.
  • Your emotions, feelings, and intuition can be the key to understanding when you are surrendering vs. when you are giving up.
  • Sometimes, as you let your attachments go, you realize you have to rewrite your life.
  • Regardless of how dark the situation is, life gets better.
  • You have to build a path to possibility.

In this episode we covered:

  • (00:00) Welcome to Katie DePaola to The Mindrise Podcast.
  • (05:50) Asking what is possible and not what’s probable to create a life full of possibilities.
  • (07:10) What is your Greatest Level of Want? How to find your G.L.O.W. 
  • (11:30) Katie’s five rules of life.
  • (15:53) Showing up for what life has in store for you.
  • (18:28) Listening to your body and feeling your intuition as a way to guide your life. 
  • (22:56) The difficulties and dark places in which Katie found herself and how she found the strength to keep going.
  • (27:54) How Katie has dealt and continues to deal with attachment 
  • (32:36) What happens when you get too attached and have to rewrite your life.
  • (37:48) Finding the light in the dark and leaping into the unknown.

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