Who has headnoise? Raise your hand. If we were in a stadium, classroom, dinner table, or board meeting–you can count on a large majority of hands in the air.


Why? Because we all have an inner narrative calling the shots on how we show up in the world. The thing is–are you using the powers of your inner narrative for good or evil?


I was reading Untethered Soul (have you read it yet? If not, stay tuned…), Michael Singer starts the book off talking about the difference between who YOU are versus the voice in your head. Singer postulates that the voice narrating is not necessarily you, instead it’s constantly creating a narrative based on what you are observing as a way for you to make sense of the world.

Let’s talk about this…

Makes sense and here’s why–because we create a narrative about things around us from our past experiences, often that includes judgements about things being good or bad/right or wrong/for me or against me. From our judgments and perceptions is where we interpret the world and that the inner voice that keeps talking to us ALL.THE.TIME.

The voice talks to us to keep us safe and the goal is to observe the voice rather than letting it call the shots on how we feel. Because when we let the inner voice tell us how to feel, we can inevitably end up on an emotional rollercoaster.

And ain’t nobody want that.

But it happens…to ALL of us.

This month at Mindrise, we’ve been talking about silencing our inner critic–from the tools to identify negativity to how to cultivate compassion and make friends with your inner voice. From what we have been learning this week, we begin to take back our power. And when we take back our power, we can do the big things that we want to do in the world–we can even do the “someday…maybe…” things in the world.

I think that if the major changes, fears, or anxieties that have presented themselves to us in the last year have taught us anything is that the only control and predictability we have is the relationship we have with ourselves. AND that it’s not always easy to wrangle the beast that is our headnoise but that awareness can help a whole lot. We’ve also learned that “someday” or “maybe” just sucks. If there’s something you want to do, stop putting yourself on the shelf. Align your mindset, choices, and decisions to actually make it happen in your life.

That’s why we’ve also opened our doors for our upcoming Life + Leadership Coach Training program to give a pathway and program to people who have been thinking that now might just be the time to go for it–to start their business or launch their BIG “someday” idea into the world. If you are someone who has been thinking about starting their own business and wants to learn how to market with confidence–do it today, we’re going to be starting the spring session of our Coach Training program where you’ll learn how to market and launch a business with success (think…more resources and support and less “here goes nothing”).

Curious? Check out our upcoming webinar to talk more about what it means to start your own business and put yourself out in the world. (can’t make it live? no problem–we will send you the replay because it’s 2021 and that’s how we roll.)