Healing Burnout Journey

I’m so happy you are here. I don’t know about you but burnout feels really lonely.


I felt like I was all alone, on the outside of looking in at everyone else who seemed to have their sh*t together. I got stuck in comparison which certainly didn’t make getting out of burnout easier.


Feeling alone ends now. Let’s get a fresh start.


This isn’t going to be a miracle—it took a while for you to get where you are right now but we will triage and get you unstuck and moving forward.


We will stop the bleeding of exhaustion and start to rest, repair, and reboot.


We will learn to change our narrative around being burnt out and get back into the power seat of the life we want to have instead of where we are right now.

Remember, Laurence J. Peter once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you will probably end up somewhere else.”


  1. We will be starting by taking an inventory of where we are now because you’ve got to be clear about the terrain you are navigating in order to make any changes.
  2. You’ll take time to reflect and reset with our meditations — if you’re thinking you don’t know how to meditate, don’t worry, we’ll help you AND if you have been wanting to start a meditation practice, this is your time to start. Trust me, it will be easy.
  3. Just like anything else—what you put into it is what you’re going to get out of it. Just as we can’t go to the gym and do 50 sit-ups and then never do them again and think we should have abs…we’ll be starting a new practice.


It won’t be a magic wand or another to-do list, we’ll be taking a look at where you’re at right now and share our favorite practices to make small tweaks and changes to your habits and routines.


Watch this video to get ready for this masterclass experience.


PHASE I: Uncover + Release

Taking stock, raising your awareness, and opening to change.

PHASE II: Reimagine

Discover who you really are and what you truly want (outside of all the things on your to-do list)

PHASE III: Embracing The New

How will you do it differently? Moving into action + embracing new practices.



We all do SO MUCH BETTER with support and accountability, your Mindrise Coach is your sounding board and cheerleader along this journey.


Your Mindrise Coaching experience is designed to help you strategize, customize, and problem-solve while taking a deep exhale and learning how to make a lasting change.


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Join the Mindrise Community and leave the rest up to us. We are here for you…get ready to take a deep breath and finally feel better.