It’s my goal to wake up and spend every single day feeling like a goddess, a rockstar, and yes…Beyonce’. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. As we all experience (sometimes especially during that time of the month…) and I hate to admit it, it’s a deep dark secret that even Beyonce’ has but sometimes we just feel gross. Heather Rampolla, detox extraordinaire and host of Fresh Eats Radio, is letting us in on her three little secrets to overcome body hate funk (& emotional eating). If you’ve ever fallen face first into a box of chocolates when feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, read on…


You know those days where you wake up and you feel super fat, uncomfortable in your skin, and wish no one could see you.

Your jeans feel tight, you avoid looking in the mirror, your inner critic hates your body right now. Before you’re aware, this negative energy has sparked a fight with your hubby or kids.

And you know what comes next… Emotional Eating Mode is triggered!

It’s a nasty cycle. However, know that this negative body image is a struggle that all ladies are faced with.

But there is GOOD NEWS…. there is a way for you to overcome this body hate funk gracefully.

How To Gracefully Overcome Your Body Hate Funk & Avoid Unnecessary Emotional Eating

1) Is There A Deeper Issue Triggering You

Our thoughts constantly race in our brain. They speed by as fast as 120 meters/sec. And average 70,000 thoughts each day. That’s a lot of activity up there. Your thoughts are going so fast it might be hard to catch.

Thoughts like…

“Nothing you do is ever good enough.”

“You’re a failure & fraud.”

“You never be able to do that.”

After a while, these voices can become dangerous.

They can weigh on us and we begin to doubt ourselves. Over time it’s easy to exchange our desires, and our authentic selves for these lies.

To help your awareness to negative thoughts and any deeper issues triggering your inner critic, try this exercise by Julia Cameron of The Artist Way, called “Morning Pages”.

“Morning Pages” are real simple and requires just a pencil and journal.

First thing in the morning, write down 3 pages of free flow thought. It doesn’t have to be eloquent or edited. And remember this is for your eyes only. Whatever your thought, write it down.

This practice will help you become aware of the thoughts you keep repeating and any deeper issues that might be triggering feelings of ugliness or heaviness.


2) Stick Up For Yourself

Once you can pin point the messages or triggering moment that set your inner critic off, it’s time to stand up for yourself.

Yes, I want you to speak back to your inner critic. Tell her she is wrong AND THEN speak the truth.

Let your inner critic know that she can’t get away with saying words that aren’t true.

You wouldn’t let anyone get away with talking to your friends or loved ones this way. So don’t let your inner critic bully you either!

The best way to confront her is head on with a Flip-Flop exercise.

Take the message your inner critic has been saying and reverse it into the positive. Like an affirmation.

Here’s an example:

Inner Critic: “You’re so ugly… you’re stomach is flabby and no matter what you try, you’ll never look like those pretty girls on the magazine covers & commercials.”

Your Truth: “Inner Critic, what you speak is not true. I accept my divine beauty and celebrate my feminine curves…that also can drive my husband wild. I will not sacrifice my joy trying to match a false sense of perfection society portrays.”


3) Nourish Your Beauty

Some days you’re going to want to hide under the covers, and stuff yourself with the junkiest of foods to match the way you feel.

Sure you admit to knowing that you are beautiful but you don’t feel beautiful at the moment.

Nourishing your beauty means honoring the way you feel and how you want to feel. [Tweet it!]

Perhaps it means taking time to sleep in, read a juicy book, or quiet time while you soak in a hot bath.

Other times it might mean taking a small action towards how you want to feel versus how you feel right now.

For example, if you’re feeling heavy and want to feel light…

Instead of automatically reaching for the chocolate cookies, put something in your body that you know will make you feel good and help you get back to your joyful spirits.

Some of my favorite pick-me-ups include:

  • Drinking Lemon Water
  • Peppermint or Grapefruit Essential Oil
  • Slurpin’ on a Green Juice or Smoothie

Following these 3 steps is a practice to gracefully get you out of your funk and back into your Divine Feminine Energy.


Heather Rampolla is the host of Fresh Eats Radio and creator of the Fresh Eats Detox. She helps busy ladies rid of overwhelm when trying to eat healthy… you know, like picky eaters, or fitting in real foods when you’re managing a busy schedule. She teaches you how to easily add in more of the good stuff so you can look good & feel good. Get started with the Free Book: 3 Steps To Get Out Of Your Funk & Stop Eating Junk:


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