In this episode, Bailey interviews Gervase Kolmos, an intuitive Mindset coach who empowers women to choose themselves to create the life and relationships they actually want. Bailey and Gervase discuss the journey to create a business and to craft a life based on what they wanted and needed as women. 


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What if you can feel at ease with every decision you make? What if you can actually accomplish what you want? You might tend to believe that in order to get everything you want in life, you need to put yourself through misery, sacrifice, or you might think that there is no way, you can have it all; kids, a professional career, social life, etc. All these beliefs and limits prevent you from getting where you want to be and do the things you enjoy and give pleasure to you.


It is possible to craft the life you want. You can write your own story and pivot every time you feel it is necessary. You can build a business, have kinds and enjoy your life if that is what you want. This is how Gervase built a business that allows her to take care of her children and help other women to feel empowered with their decisions. Through her personal and professional experience, she is able to teach women how to trust themselves and connect with their intuition.


Trusting what you can accomplish and focusing on what you want are key to own the kind of life you want to live. There is no right or wrong way, and you are allowed to explore, make decisions and change your mind as long as you feel at ease and respect your own values. 


Key Takeaways


  • 1- The journey is not just about crafting a business, but it is also about crafting your life.
  • 2- Reframing your narrative as regards your work is important when you want to have kids. Find your priorities and balance.
  • 3- Acknowledging what you want in order to get what you desire. Make choices for yourself. 
  • 4- Women can have a successful business, or professional career and be a successful mother, friend or partner.
  • 5- Things can be easy if you allow them to be what they are, and you do not try to force them.


About Gervase Kolmos 

Gervase is an Intuitive Mindset Coach and the Host of The Champagne Society™ podcast. She was certified with the Coach Training Alliance in 2013 and the American Coaching & Hypnosis Academy in 2020. For seven years, she’s been teaching modern women how to trust themselves, connect to their intuition and be intentional about their thoughts, beliefs and choices to create a next-level life. 

She applies a unique combination of hypnotherapy and intuitive coaching to all her clients and programs. She integrates concepts from conscious parenting, spiritual psychology, abundance mindset, Human Design, inner child work and more from the seven years of continued education, coaching and mastery of recording one’s subconscious mind that she’s amassed. 


In the episode we covered


  • (00:00) Introduction to the episode. Bailey presents Gervane Kolmos to the Mindrise community.
  • (2:12)  Gervane tells Bailey about her core value: “get out of the house and do something for you”.
  • (3:04) They discuss the journey towards getting where you want to be and the things you want in life. Crafting a business and a life.
  • (7:01) Reframing your narrative to be the person you want to be.
  • (14:45) Women’s fear to shine. They are scared of having everything they wish for. 
  • (20:00) Perfection as a goal is exhausting, pointless and subjective.
  • (22:29) Gervane opens up about her mental health problems (dealing with depression).
  • (27:17) Easy Bottom concept. Things can be easy if you let them be what they should be.


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