We will all die some day. But for many of us, we have been living our life in a way that forgets the weight of this inevitability. I think that for many of us, we can get stuck in the autopilot version of life—going through the motions of our every day—fulfilling our roles, responsibilities , and obligations. But are we forgetting who we are?

Are we dimming our light or playing small? Are we just living our life in wait for “some day” when we can embody our full potential?

If you were to hit the reset button on the life you have built so far, what would change? Would you work where you work? Would you spend your time in the way that you do? Would you surround yourself with the people who are presently in your life?

What are the things you have given up on?

What are the things you once wanted and have long forgotten?

What would it take to claim the life that you are meant to be living?


This is the point of owning our power. Stepping fully into who we are meant to be and not waiting on the sidelines for everything to line up but instead to get clear about what we want and go for it. Taking a stand for yourself—looking fear in the face and instead of letting it win, claiming the victory for ourselves.

“Life is short, the world is wide, I want to make some memories.” – Mama Mia

What would it look like to feel like you have won at the game of life?

For a long while I had been playing small, feeling like my career, relationships, and lifestyle were “good enough.” I allowed myself to believe that “good enough” was all I ever needed until life stopped exciting me. It stopped inspiring and thrilling me but instead I fell into the trap of going through the motions of my life.

How do you take back your inspiration and let go of the limitations that fear can spend so much time convincing us is true? It’s about elevating your life and owning your power.

This is why the conversation about death is an important anchor in living our fullest life. Realizing the very final reality that we all have but one life to live and that being stagnant will simply not work. Not if we want to feel fulfilled and lit up by your life. What can we invite into this life that allows us to shed the dead weight of limiting beliefs and limited thinking?

What would it look like to play full out in your life?

I love asking myself this question—it both scares and exhilarates me. The possibility to expanding my potential beyond the reach of where it has so far been achieved. It’s in giving myself the gift that resides in wanting more.

I want more for my life—I want to see more places, travel to see the farthest reaches of the world, laugh all night, create memories and experiences that fill my heart for the decades that reside within a lifetime and forever. I want to be a teacher, a sage, a guide for others, especially my daughter—to show her that the good life is always within reach and always present within us. That we are only limited by the story that we tell ourselves.

Playing full-out would mean allowing myself to identify the story that fear tells me and take the leap into the unknown anyway. To put myself out there and give things a shot, even when they are challenging, scary, or unknown. To give myself the gift of opportunity and openness—the willingness it takes to feel the fear and do it any way. To believe in the full faith that I can do it, that I am only limited by the story of fear and rather than letting it win, claim myself instead to be the victor.

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