Last week was one for the record books…from my guest blog post for the fabulous Katie Den Ouden’s Skinny Dip Society blog tour to my very viral Elephant Journal article, Yoga is a Gateway Drug. It was a week of highs for me.

When you are feeling high/exhilarated/illuminated, How do you celebrate?

I’d love to tell you that I celebrated with a divine candlelit all-organic delicious dinner with the hubs on a yacht while watching the sunset….but, I didn’t.

I slipped down the rabbit-hole of my formerly work-a-holic self for a good 48 hours. I logged 10+ hour (OK, 12+) days on the computer, I pushed myself to come up with my next moment of brilliance to share, stopped reading for pleasure, ditched real food in favor of “quick and easy,” and lived in my yoga clothes.


(this TOTALLY could have been me except I didn’t even comb my hair)


How did it feel? Shitty.

With the rave response of my blog post and article, a serious spike in my subscription list, and a wave of “go get ’em girl” emails from my friends & family, instead of celebrating I gave up kale, self-care, sleeping, and showering (sorry hubs) for two days.

How did it feel? Shitty.

So, what’s a girl to do?

On what could have been the third day of my nonsense, I woke up, took a shower and ate a #SuperHumanBreakfast from Laura Hames Franklin. Fueled with real food (instead of the Costco size box of granola bars that I called sustenance for 2 days), I went to yoga, grabbed lunch with a very favorite girlfriend, snuck in a chiropractic sesh, and  even had a divine candlelit all-organic delicious dinner with the hubs on a yacht while watching the sunset (Well, not a yacht, just the deck but a fishing boat DID pass by).

The thing is a leopard can change it’s spots. Being a “type A,” chronically over-achieving (and under-sleeping) work-a-holic came easily to me for so long that when I finally decided that it wasn’t working for me anymore, it took ALOT of effort for me to change my ways. There were no magic tricks, it was a journey where I took a few stumbles, faced a few obstacles, and sometimes took the long way to figure out. But, I did it–I created the life I wanted to live on my OWN terms

It’s my goal to help you to do the same. As a therapist and life coach, I’m certainly not all-mighty, I’m a human (leopard) just like you but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to show you the short way to get where you need to go. In coaching, we work together to create your roadmap so you can live life on your OWN terms.

Now, It’s Your Turn:

In the comments section below, I’d LOVE to know: What thoughts and desires keep you up at night wondering, “How can I get there?” “How can I get what I so deeply desire?”

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