In this episode, Bailey interviews Veronica Grant, a Love-Life Coach who hosts the popular Love Life Connection podcast, and who is also the author of the book You Are Meant for Love. She helps successful women to find love and to be emotionally available to enjoy a healthy and positive relationship. 

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Reference to Shaggy’s songs




Summary of the episode 

What does it mean to be emotionally available for a relationship? In some cases, wanting a relationship does not necessarily mean to be available to have one. Stereotypes tend to play an important role when it comes to face what we want in a relationship or how we want to experience it. Recognizing if we are open and available is the foundation to what comes late in our life. 


It is up to us to know if we are ready to have a love relationship and not other’s responsibility.  Owning our feelings and emotions makes us available for new relationships, love that actually reflects what we want for us. It is necessary to find out who we are, what we want because we need to understand who we are before we commit to somebody else. Which are our boundaries? What do we want to experience?, and how do we want to feel? 


Every single person that comes in our life is a soulmate. There is always something to learn, and we need to be able to decode that to find the learning or healing behind that relationship and understand that it is part of our journey. It will help us be present and enjoy the present time. 


Key Takeaways

  • 1- If we are not connected to ourselves, then we don’t know what we are looking for.
  • 2- You are supposed to have boundaries when in a relationship.
  • 3- Money and relationships are catalysts to personal development.
  • 4- We still need to feel safety, love and belonging. 
  • 5- Sometimes, we need to have difficult conversations


About Veronica Grant

Veronica is a Love + Life Coach, host of the popular Love Life Connection podcast, and author of the forthcoming book You Are Meant for Love. She helps successful women who feel like they have it all, except love, find it.

Veronica’s work has been featured in O the Oprah Magazine, Bustle, Your Tango, and countless podcasts, including Let It Out and Mind Body Musings.

As someone who struggled in love herself and was tired of unsolicited and usually patronizing dating advice (even if well-meaning), she created the resources she wished were available before she met her husband. Through her binge-worthy podcast, free challenges, and coaching, she’s here to shake up how you find love, even in our swipe right, swipe left world.

A few of her guilty pleasures include: psychoanalyzing TV + real life famous couples, hiking with her husband and pup, and sushi everything.


In the episode we covered

  • (00:00) Introducing Veronica Grant.
  • (01:57) Being emotionally available.
  • (09:13) Stereotypes and roles within society.
  • (13:15) Every single soul is our soulmate.
  • (16:57) Tools to follow our path, our way.
  • (22:30) Reframing rejection in a relationship.
  • (25:45) People forget to “check” if they are available for a relationship.
  • (28:30) What your relationship with yourself looks like.
  • (32:12) Veronica’s 11-year-old ideas about marriage.
  • (41:58) The relationship chart Veronica created.


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