In this episode, Bailey interviews Alex Nelson, a life coach and medicinal plant facilitator who is dedicated to helping others break negative patterns and connect with who they really are and their purpose in life.


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How in tune are you with your emotions?

Allowing yourself to feel can sometimes be scary and you might find yourself looking for coping mechanisms without even realizing it. This was Alex Nelson’s realization after he started using psilocybin medicinally and found his purpose. He managed to break destructive habits and create a safe space where people can express their feelings and reconnect with what they want from life.

In this episode, Bailey and Alex talk about how much harder it is for men to communicate, the feelings of loneliness this entails, and why it’s so important to feel part of something bigger. They also talk about the positive effects of connecting with your emotions and how this can change your life for the better. They also touch on the fear of failure and Alex provides some useful tools to confront your fears and get rid of the limiting beliefs that might be holding you back! 

Key Takeaways

  • Psilocybin can have great medicinal benefits, including dealing with depression and breaking negative habits.
  • Generally, women are better at communicating what they feel and sharing this with others, while men have a lot more difficulty doing the same. This often leads to a feeling of loneliness and alienation.
  • “When you are suffering, if you feel like you are alone in the pain, it makes it that much worse.”
  • Having the chance to fail naturally is instrumental to learn how to fail and keep giving 100% of your effort to achieve what you want.
  • People tend to use coping mechanisms to avoid feeling and recognizing that they might not like who they are.
  • Understanding your emotions, especially the “negative” ones can lead you to the changes you need to make in your life.


About Alex Nelson

Alex Nelson is a life coach, an expert in the use of medicinal plants for life-changing experiences, and the host of the Through the Veil podcast. He has dedicated the past seven years of his life to help others break negative patterns and toxic habits. He wants to encourage people to take ownership of their lives and change their stories for the better.


In this episode we covered:

  • (00:00) Welcome to Alex Nelson to The Mindrise Podcast.
  • (01:47) Alex’s struggle with alcohol and the effect it had in his work life.
  • (03:07) The use of mushrooms as a medicinal tool to make significant life changes. 
  • (06:06) Alex’s purpose and how his perspective on the stories people tell themselves. 
  • (08:06) The differences in how men and women share their emotions and the issues it causes for men and their feelings of loneliness.
  • (13:01) Fearing failure when you have succeeded at everything in your life.  
  • (14:50) Tools to face the fear of failure and break negative habits. 
  • (18:02) Not all practices are universal and it’s important to determine which healing path is right for you. 
  • (19:49) The recognition of the many coping mechanisms we use to avoid being silent and listen to who we are. 
  • (28:31) The archetype of the king and the boy prince and how they can appear in your life.
  • (33:47) Your emotions as the compass of your life and how they try to guide you through your journey.


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